Junaid Khan Just Called Yasir Shah “Soora” But Quickly Clarified What It Really Means And It's Not What You Think

By Sarmad Amer | 27 Nov, 2018

Yasir Shah has registered his name in history with a spectacular performance in the second test match against New Zealand. People are even saying he should be recognized as a legend for taking a historic number of wickets.


Pakistan has won the second test of the series thanks to Yasir Shah who has also been named as the ‘Man of the Match’.


And of course, congratulations are in order for this


Junaid Khan, fellow circketer, also happened to be one wishing Yasir and the rest of the team and he happened to call Yasir “soora

But he also made sure he clarified that this word wasn’t what most people may have believed, it was actually the Pushto word for ‘red faced’, probably alluding to Yasir’s face turning red when he plays with a lot of focus.


People found this especially funny


Many even thanked Junaid because they would otherwise have thought he was learning new vocabulary from Khadim Rizvi


This is particularly funny that Junaid had to clarify because of the recent exchange between Babar Azam and Zainab Abbas

After Zainab mentioned how Mickey Arthur, the coach, was Babar’s “father” and people were congratulating him. Babar understood the words to be a diss at him and he snapped back at Zainab, providing a lot of fodder for social media, and also a bunch of comic relief.


So that’s basically it, now you can go back to your very important scrolling. If you want to share your thoughts, you can always sound off in the comments below.



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