People Think John Cena Just Played Some Awesome Cricket, Can You See Him?

By Ather Ahmed | 29 Nov, 2017

To say that cricket is big in Pakistan would be an understatement. As cliched as it may sound, cricket in Pakistan is more than just a sport, its a way of life. Aside from politics, cricket is what most drawing room discussions are about. This may sound a bit off now but another thing that holds great cultural relevance in the country is wrestling. While the sport has gained some notoriety for being fake and all, no matter how much you loathe it right now, as kids we all loved it. Now imagine if both cricket and wrestling were to combine. Well, something along those lines took place in Australia.


16-time World Wrestling Champion John Cena recently tried his hand at cricket


The Doctor of Thuganomics who is in Austrailia promoting his new film ‘Ferdinand’ decided to crash a practice session that included various Austrailian players.


Among them was Austrailian all-rounder Shane Watson who taught John Cena a thing or two about the sport

Watson, who also played for Pakistan’s Islamabad United, as a sign of respect to John Cena said that “Only the best bats for this champion”.


Lets, just say that while Watson was able to see Cena, our World Champion wasn’t able to see the ball

He did manage to swing successfully at one point, though


This is not the first time John Cena has been mentioned in the world of cricket

Earlier last month the internet was going crazy over John Cena’s resemblance with Austrailian all-rounder Jason Behrendorff aka this guy


Uhhh, but we don’t really see it lols


Naturally, desis were excited to see John Cena taking a swing at cricket


People were going crazy about the worlds of cricket and wrestling coming together


Their lifelong dreams started being fulfilled as soon as Cena picked up the bat


We all cracked this one joke in our heads, didn’t we?




Do you guys think that John Cena should retire from wrestling and become a full-time cricketer? Let us know in the comment section.

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