John Cena Is Apparently Coming To Pakistan And Pakistanis Are Going Crazy

By Ather Ahmed | 5 Jan, 2018

Good news for all WWE fans across Pakistan, John Cena the Champ might be finally coming to Pakistan.





According to ‘Abb Tak’ News Channel, WWE Superstar John Cena will be visiting Pakistan this March

This will mark the first time the 16-time world champion will grace us with his presence.  And while it is not yet known as for what purpose John Cena is coming, the news has already gripped the nation with excitement.

WWE Wrestler John Cena to Arrive Pakistan in March

WWE Wrestler John Cena to Arrive Pakistan in March

Posted by Abbtakk on Donnerstag, 4. Januar 2018


Pakistanis took to Twitter to express their tangled emotions of shock, horror and also delight


Some thought it the moment to tweet the man himself to anticipate their waiting


Others wanted confirmation of the thrilling news


This one guy also wants to see current Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns go head to head with the Doctor of Thuganomics in Pakistan


Naturally many people made the evergreen ‘you can’t see me’ jokes



This is not the first time John Cena has interacted with Pakistanis

The wrestler met his diehard Pakistani fan through American foundation ‘Make A Wish,’ in a heartwarming interaction that touched many.


We’re anticipating his arrival very soon! We do hope it’s not just a rumor, and that it’s true! What do you guys think about this exciting news?

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