John Abraham's New Film Is Triggering Shia Muslims In India

By Iman Zia | 5 Jul, 2018

Bollywood actor John Abraham’s new film ‘Satyamev Jayate’ has come under fire for allegedly hurting Shia sentiments by displaying intolerable scenes that lash the community.


An FIR has been filed from Hyderabad, India that accuses the wrongful depiction of the Holy festival of Muharram in the film’s trailer

The film is set to release on August 15th but has come under fire for hurting religious sentiments, and might be postponed as a result. The general secretary of the BJP Minority Front, Syed Ali Jafri claims that the ‘Muharram’s procession has been shown in bad taste in the movie trailer,’ according to Indian publication ‘Deccan Chronicle.’

Source: Emmay Entertainment


A scene in the trailer shows John in a Muharram procession that has been criticised for being insensitive, where self-flagellation followed by a murder has hurt Shia sentiments

The film’s director, Milap Milan Zaveri has refused to comment, however, a senior member of the Central Board of Film Certification said “let the film come to us. We will get an expert panel to view it. If the panel feels the reference to Muharram is actually offensive then we will immediately remove it. The CBFC is very clear on religious matters. No community must be offended in the name of freedom of expression.”

Source: Emmay Entertainment


Jafri also warned that “if the scene is not deleted from the trailer and the movie” then they would ‘stage protests and not let the movie release” according to the National Herald. They threatened that they would stage nationwide protests, not bound to Hyderabad.


Watch the trailer below.


What are your thoughts on the trailer?



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