Jinnah's Great-Grandson, Ness Wadia, Was Just Sentenced To Two Years In Jail By Japan

By Noor | 30 Apr, 2019

Ness Wadia is the great-grandson of Jinnah

Muhammad Ali Jinnah may have dedicated his life to the creation and establishment of Pakistan but his only daughter, Dina, remained in India after having married Neville Wadia. While Pakistan may not have had the honor of being the home to Jinnah’s family, it doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten them.


Ness Wadia, the great-grandson of Quaid e Azam has found himself in the news after being sentenced to jail for two years invJapan

Ness Wadia is the grandson of Dina Wadia who was the only child of Jinnah with his wife Rattanbai Petit, also known as Ruttie Jinnah. Ness Wadia works for his grandfather’s company Wadia Group and is a resident of India. He is an accomplished businessman and is the co-owner of the Kings XI Punjab in Indian Premier League.

Unnecessary trivia: Ness is also the ex-boyfriend of Bollywood actress Preity Zinta who is now married to one Gene Goodenough.

Source: naukrinama.com


The government of Japan has announced this punishment for Wadia because he had been found guilty of possessing drugs

Sources state that Ness Wadia was found in possession of drugs at the New Chitose airport in Japan. The Wadia Group has clarified that Ness Wadia is currently in India and the two-year jail sentence in Japan will not impact any of his responsibilities.

Source: in.com

Source from the company states that, “The judgment is clear. It is a suspended sentence. Hence it will not impact Ness Wadia in the discharge of any of his responsibilities and he will continue to play the role that he has done hitherto, both within the Group and outside.”

Source: wadiagroup.com

A suspended sentence signifies a prison sentence that an individual will have to serve if they commit another crime within a specified period of time.


This Tribute By Allama Iqbal’s Grandson To Jinnah’s Daughter, Dina Wadia, Will Move You To Tears


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