“Jinnah” Just Roasted Men With One Tweet And, As Expected, They're Having A Meltdown

By Sarmad Amer | 10 Apr, 2018

Jinnah, the Twitter account, tweeted and some men are having a crazy meltdown.


So, the khana khud garam kar lo, debate rages on despite the actual Aurat March being about one month old

it seems like some people are just unable to understand the purpose of the March. While it’s certainly heartening to see that there’s a conversation, most of it is centered around a bunch of insecure men going postal over a random poster just randomly addressing no one in particular to warm up their food themselves and not to expect the women in their lives to do it.


Unfortunately, despite so many women in Pakistan actually being murdered over something like food there are people who just couldn’t help getting butthurt by the poster

Taking digs at the “feminazis” and forgetting that real women are murdered, for real, because khana garam nahi kiya uss bechari ne.


The Jinnah Tweets, a parody account of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, tweeted about that poster yesterday and boy oh boy aag hee lag gayi 


Men, of all shapes and sizes, found it necessary to respond with a passionate reaction

There were reactions ranging from jokes to actual outbursts of anger.


There were many who started responding by sharing this problematic poster series that some men had done as a response to the Aurat March posters


Unfortunately, despite all this back and forth the basic message seems to be lost on most people

The poster, the March and women’s “demands” aren’t just for petty things like khana garam karna. There is a mindset behind that action that they’re asking to be changed. So boys, when you get angry like somebody kicked you in the balls with that poster, you’re essentially justifying why these women marched in the first place. You are the mindset that needs to change.

Source: hindustantimes.com

If you respect women, are careful about what you say to them (behind their backs, too) and don’t go on harassing random women by ogling them in the streets or passing comments then good job, you’re not the kind of person they are marching against. If you are the kind of man who can sit back and listen as women share their experiences without interrupting them because you haven’t seen a woman being harassed (of course, you haven’t, aksar harassment itni khulay aam hoti bhi nah hai) then you’re not the kind of person they are marching against. If you’re a man who does not get postal over a harmless poster and tries to understand the larger conversation that such posters and rallies are trying to bring attention to, congratulations you’re not the kind of person they’re marching against.

However, if you fail to try and understand the larger conversations, and want to just make a fuss over a poster, I’m sorry to call you a fellow man.


Here’s The Story Behind The Poster That Has Massively Divided Men And Women All Across Pakistan



My Parents’ Marriage Taught Me That Khaana Khud Nahi, Saath Garam Karna Is A Much Better Option


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