Jeremy McLellan FINALLY Settled The Most Important Debate For Pakistanis And We're All Thankful

By Sajeer Shaikh | 21 Nov, 2017

To aaloo or not to aaloo – that has always been the question for Pakistanis. A debate that has torn Pakistanis apart due to their inability to decide which Biryani is better, the Aaloo War has been going on for a ridiculously large amount of time. Which is why American Comedian, Jeremy McLellan stepping in to settle the debate was super helpful.

Just to recap, we remember Jeremy McLellan, right?

Via Twitter

He came here to spread a little laughter…

Found this in the room I'm staying in. I think I used too much.

Posted by Jeremy McLellan Comedy on Donnerstag, 3. August 2017

…and documented his journey…

Via Facebook

…officially becoming one of us.

Via Facebook

Well, he’s holding on to his inner Pakistani and is basically trying to see if he can facilitate the resolution of an age-old debate. Therefore, he tweeted out the following message:

He even shared it on Facebook so all his fans could hop aboard the Biryani train. 

Who will win? Vote here:

Posted by Jeremy McLellan Comedy on Sonntag, 19. November 2017

His poll garnered varying responses. Some people offered a simple solution:

Some people commented on the intensity of the poll.

Others already stated their preference and said they’d hold a jalsa, should the result be what they weren’t expecting.

People were anxious about how close competition was…

…including Jeremy himself. 

But it was pointed out that Pakistanis take their biryani seriously.

Jeremy even realized that he may need another tactic to solve this. 

However, here’s what the final results looked like:



After a nail-biting finish, the debate ended in a tie. Basically, Biryani aapki hai. Aaloo daalna hai, daalo. Nahi daalna, mat daalo. Larne ki kya zaroorat hai?

Some people thought that dhaandlee hui hai.

And Jeremy played that off as a joke too. 

Via Facebook

Some people said that the presence and absence of aaloos made no difference to them.

Some were in denial, despite Jeremy telling them that it was a tie.

Others were left filled with regrets.

However, after an exhausting poll that got way too many responses, the debate has been settled. Let’s see if it stays like that. You never know. Right now, we can just thank Jeremy McLellan for helping us kinda resolve the Aaloo War.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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