Jemima Khan Just Clapped Back At Ghinwa Bhutto For Spreading Fake News

By Rameeza Ahmad | 6 Aug, 2018

Ghinwa Bhutto, who is the widow of late Murtaza Bhutto just landed herself in a little bit of hot water.

Source: Ghinwa Bhutto via Facebook


As we all know, posts on the internet are not always as reliable as we would want them to be. And taking someone’s word without verifying it and spreading it, is just a very bad idea. And Ghinwa Bhutto made this exact mistake.

After a random account tweeted an image of Jemima Khan and her sons along with Tyrian White, saying it was a picture taken in the city of Tel Aviv in Jerusalem, and that Jemima and her children were wearing traditional clothes worn by Jews.


And Ghinwa Bhutto believed the tweet and gave it more publicity than it actually needed

She accused Jemima Khan and her kids of visiting the apartheid state of Israel to worship. And considering Pakistan and Pakistanis have a very bad relationship with the Zionist state, this could have caused a lot of problems for Jemima. Ghinwa’s motivation was probably to show how the new Prime Minister’s family are Zionists and support the state of Israel.


Of course, Jemima immediately recognized this and cleared the air.

The picture was apparently of the family on a vacation in Mexico, NOT Israel. And Jemima further clarified that the group was wearing ponchos which are a traditional attire in Mexico, and not religious Jewish robes as had been stated in the original tweet.

Mis queridos ❤️

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Ghinwa Bhutto’s attempt at trying to paint Jemima and as a result, Imran Khan as a sympathizer or a supporter of Israel was pretty sad considering it could have been easily verified that the picture was fake, especially because it was tweeted by a twitter profile which supported Maryam Nawaz and was clearly trying to spread propaganda against Imran Khan.


Thankfully Ghinwa realized and accepted her mistake… well kind of.

She did ask Jemima not to lecture her about shame, which had a little sting to it. Ouch. Well, let’s hope that Ghinwa Bhutto learned her lesson to verify facts before endorsing them.

What do you think of this entire debacle? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover Image Source: @GhinwaBhutto/@khanjemima

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