Jemima Khan Has The Most Hilarious Response To THAT Image From Donald Trump's Saudi Arabia Visit

By Iman Zia | 24 May, 2017

You gotta love Jemima Khan. She’s a hoot on social media, and is always posting the most HIIIII-larious things. Whatever your political allegiance, Jemima has become the de facto ex-bhabi for Pakistanis all over because she was the wife to a cricket legend and we can all get behind that (even if you don’t agree with his politics now).


Remember the time she WhatsApped Imran Khan Face App images of their son?

Unfun. #BoredonaSaturdaynight #FaceApp

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Or how about that time she seriously trolled Donald Trump for Halloween by dressing up as Melania?

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It was SO controversial but in the most EPIC way.


She channeled Melania perfectly with that deathly eye glare too.

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So when Trump made is inaugural trip to Saudi Arabia, this picture of him, the Saudi King and Egyptian President gathering around a glowing glass ball went VIRAL.



The internet lit up with countless memes

And of course, Jemima immediately jumped in on all the fun with her own meme of the political threesome

Source: @khanjemima / Instagram

With this hilarious caption

Source: @khanjemima / Instagram


We think it could actually be a really funny follow up to General Aladdin, maybe?

It’ll put Borat to shame.

Via Tumblr


Fans rejoiced at Jemima’s witty comment

Source: @khanjemima / Instagram


Source: @khanjemima / Instagram


While her Pakistani fans went completely off topic, in the most endearing way, though

Source: @khanjemima / Instagram


What do you think of this wonderful roast? Iz Veryyy Naaaiicce? Let us know in the comments below if you found this as funny as we did.

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