Jemima Goldsmith Or Reham Khan – Why Are Women Pitted Against Each Other?

By Alveena Jadoon | 7 Jun, 2018

Jemima Goldsmith and Reham Khan have time and again been pitted against each other due to their relationship with Imran Khan. This comparison is extremely significant in view of the recent book controversy surrounding Reham Khan.

Her upcoming book has taken the social and mainstream media by storm – even though it is not out yet and certain individuals claim to have the manuscript of it.


Jemima became a part of the conversation as well with a tweet regarding Reham’s book

Reham Khan till now has maintained that she should not be held accountable for these manuscripts because her book is not out yet

This is a fair enough argument because maligning her for stuff that we have no concrete evidence of is unfair. Yes, if the book was out and the content was a part of it, only then would it have made sense to call her out for a breach of privacy and for writing the salacious stories.


Jemima’s tweet has prompted many Pakistanis to draw comparisons between the two ladies because according to them, the tweet was in favor of Khan rather than about protecting her son’s privacy

The tweets about Pakistan’s love for Jemima are not a problem because yes, the lady has never done us any harm and we love her for her cordial ties with her ex-husband.


But the problem begins when women are pitted against each other in order to prove that one is better than the other

The idea stems from the same patriarchal and misogynistic view that women are always in competition with each other and in order for them to prove that they are better individuals, they have to be in competition with another woman and bring her down.

A case in point is this tweet by Mr. Hamza Ali Abbasi.

And because of his tweet and the amount of influence he has, the idea was caught on by several people.

People, to get support, also pick up carefully selected images to portray the ladies in a certain light to get support. In the following tweet, for instance, we can clearly understand the reason behind choosing both the pictures – Reham without her head covered and Jemima with her head covered. We know which one the masses will be more inclined to support.

Here is another tweet comparing the two, again showcasing how women are not seen as individuals in their own capacity – rather in order to prove themselves, they have to prove another woman wrong.


Many were quick to point this out and stand up against this injustice that women have been facing for centuries and something we need to put an end to

Jemima and Imran’s relationship is certainly a model for those who co-parent after a divorce and that must be appreciated but let’s not bring another woman down in order to do that.


It is wrong of people to pit women against each other – Jemima Goldsmith might have tweeted out in her personal capacity, not in relation to Khan but because we as people have internalized misogyny so much, we can not help but compare them

Let us not reinforce this thinking which encourages women to be in competition with other women. They can be viewed as individuals in their own personal capacity and not have to prove themselves as better individuals in comparison to other women. This idea has produced generation after generation of women who grow up thinking women are their enemy and constantly bring each other down. This is not the kind of environment we want to be fostering.


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