A Jealous Husband Leaked Private Photos of His Wife Online, And No It's Not Fucking Okay

By Sajeer Shaikh | 28 Jun, 2017

Cyber harassment has long been a problem that has plagued our society. You often hear stories about nudes being leaked as revenge, regardless of whether they’re real or fake. However, what stings the most is when betrayal of such an immense level comes from those closest to you. Perhaps, that is why the following incident about a husband leaking his wife’s pictures feels all the more horrifying.

Junaid Akram took to Twitter earlier to discuss the incident

The husband spread the pictures far and wide till they reached Junaid Akram’s friend as well

He rightly went on to state how this is not an isolated incident

He urged women to keep their private pictures to themselves

And mentioned that whatever goes up on the Internet is there permanently

However, another point that absolutely must be raised is how we shouldn’t have to live in a world where women must tread so carefully that there is no place for trust left in their lives. The problem lies within this mindset where leaking pictures is seen as a form of revenge. The responsibility does not lie solely in the woman’s hands, but also in the hands of the men they choose to trust.

Junaid Akram went on to state how in spite of all its benefits, technology also has the potential to haunt us

And he concluded the thread with the following message

The horrifying fact that a husband put his wife in a position where he became the perpetrator of cyber harassment for her did not sit well at all with those who chanced upon this Twitter thread.

People called him “an excuse of a human being”

And a few people had very volatile reactions

Some pointed out how our women are always shamed

And how their spirits are often crushed in the process

Some commented on our society’s deteriorating moral values

And some suggested that the husband should be reported

While many will brush this aside as a domestic matter that has gotten out of hand, the fact of the matter remains that the husband violated his wife’s security and privacy in one of the vilest ways. Not only is this a major breach of trust – which, at this point, is a minor matter – it is also a crime that must be reported. Fortunately, with the existence of Digital Rights Foundation, it can be.

Led by Nighat Dad, who is an activist and a lawyer, the highly skilled team at Digital Rights Foundation handles matters pertaining to episodes of cyber harassment such as these. They can be contacted through their Facebook page at all times, and through their helpline which is functional from 9 am to 5 pm throughout Monday to Friday.


Source: Digital Rights Foundation


It is all too easy to shame women and dismiss the matter by saying that she should have been careful in the first place. Should she have been careful about the man she was supposed to spend her life with? What possible way could one find to blame the woman here?

Incidents like these will keep repeating themselves and pushing women on the receiving end to the absolute edges unless we take action. It is high time that we stopped adding salt to the victim’s injuries by holding them responsible for such incidents. The blame can only fall on the perpetrators who, at the end of it all, must be held accountable.

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