Here's How Pakistanis Are Reacting To Javed Latif's Shameful Comments About Murad Saeed's Family

By Sarmad Amer | 10 Mar, 2017

Mian Javed Latif, the Pakistan Muslim League (N) MNA, is under fire for his comments about fellow MNA, Murad Saaed of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. The two members of the National Assembly got into a scuffle over Latif’s comments about Imran Khan.

While the actual details of the fight are a little fuzzy, here’s what we know so far:

Murad Saaed apparently punched Javed Latif after the PML (N) leader said to Saeed, “mein tere ghar chalay jaana hai” (I’ll go to your home), which is commonly understood as a horrible insult. Following this Javed Latif held a press conference where he passed comments over Murad Saeed’s sisters and alleged them to be involved with Imran Khan.


Naturally, these disgusting allegations over women who weren’t even part of the original argument are not only extremely sexist, they are also just horribly inappropriate for a person of Javed Latif’s stature

And Pakistanis are angered by the sickening remarks of Mr. Latif, as any people who are even slightly woke should be.

Here’s how Pakistanis are reacting to Mr. Javed Latif’s tasteless comments about Murad Saeed:

Apparently there was an apology over the statements made

But the problem is, for a man of Javed Latif’s stature, or Imran Khan’s for that matter, it isn’t appropriate to make statements like the ones they have made in public. Whether it is racist remarks over alleging that some players being from Africa are phateechar or targeting women just because that makes you feel more of a man, is JUST NOT ACCEPTABLE.


Obviously it hasn’t gone down well with people because the original comments left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth


And they all have the same thing to say to Javed Latif


This dude has made a very pertinent observation


Basically, this is what should come about out of this outrage over Javed Latif’s comments




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