Desis Have Literally Lost It After This British Company Called A Tikka A Chandelier

By Iman Zia | 7 Apr, 2017

The goray log have appropriated literally everything. They’ve been butchering our culture since the dawn of time. They’ve become a little too pro at culture appropriating and it’s getting a little annoying.


First they made bikinis from our Sindh ajrak prints

Via Urban Outfitters And Forever 21


Then they pulled THIS stunt with our kambal wala thaila

Fashion mogul Balenciaga came up with a TWO THOUSAND POUND bag…



Based on the kambal rakhnay wala thaila.



Oh, they didn’t even leave out the Peshawar chappal

Remember this “Robert” sandal, guys?

Source: Paul Smith


And now online fashion brand Asos are selling a tikka



And they’re calling it a Chandelier. Because. It. Looks. Like. One?



Like, wtf?

Via Tumblr


Does this look like damn chandelier?

Okay, it does maybe. But it’s a fricking tikka.

Source: Asos


Everyone’s kind of angry…


The tikka is a deeply rooted item of South Asians and people are legit pretty upset

Like, was it not enough that you took away our spices and freedom for hundreds of years that you had to take away our jewelry and name it over a piece of furniture?


Honestly, some of these spelling is making us hungry, tbh


What do you think? Are you as angry about this abomination, as us?

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