People Are Offended By This TV Show Turning A White Woman Into Muslim By Literally Coloring Her Brown

By Alveena Jadoon | 4 Nov, 2017

While the West blatantly denies the rise of Islamophobia, research shows otherwise. In the last couple of years, especially after 9/11, Muslims have been portrayed as the enemies. This has resulted in an increased number of hate crimes and a general disliking for Muslims moving into foreign countries.



Muslims are, as a whole community, linked to terrorists whenever something bad happens



A study which focuses particularly on Britain, conducted by their Home Office, shows that hate crime against Muslims has increased by 29 percent in the country

During the year 2016-2017, the police registered a total of 80,400 hate crimes in England and Wales. The reason behind this surge is the Brexit vote and the increasing number of terrorist attacks.


Politicians, using these incidents as a premise, sell the idea that Muslims are taking over their jobs, their homes and their country.

On the other hand, if you consider the USA, President Trump also finds ways to link terrorism to the rise of “radical” Islam. His racist tweets have allowed far-right groups to stir up hatred on a number of occasions.

A similar role is also played by Western media in propagating Islamophobia. Despite the existence of Islamophobia in the West, they choose to ignore it.


This interesting new show in the UK aimed to put white people in a position of Muslims to make them understand how Muslims in the West live

Channel 4 came up with a documentary called My Life As A Muslim. It shows a white woman, who generally does not mix with any other crowd and has some really rigid views about Muslims. An episode of the show made the white lady, Katie, live as a Muslim woman for her to understand that Muslims are also “normal” people.

People hurl abuses at her when she goes out dressed as a Muslim. At the same time, she also gets to witness the other side of the picture – the picture which shows that Muslims are humans too and not all of them adhere to extremist views.


People are taking to Twitter to express their admiration for the show after watching the documentary


While it was a good attempt to educate people, there were some aspects which were a little concerning about the documentary


The show “physically” altered Katie’s appearance to make her appear more Muslim and that did not sit well with some viewers


People were rightfully offended


And called out the very racist interpretation of what being a Muslim means


Well, at least the show has had some positive effects on people


Watch the documentary and let us know what you think.


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