The Islamabad Traffic Police Is Rewarding Citizens For Being Responsible Drivers And Pakistanis LOVE The Initiative

By Haddiqua Siddiqui | 29 Dec, 2018

Usually when a traffic police constable stops your car, you get worried and wonder if you are being asked to pull over for rash driving or breaking the signal. Basically, the traffic police is notorious for handing over tickets and fines – but that seems to be changing.

The Islamabad Traffic Police (ICTP) initiated the Good Citizen Patrol Project for better traffic management in the country’s capital.

The Good Citizen Patrol Project was inaugurated on Saturday by the Minister of State for Interior, Sheharyar Afridi. The project is one of its kind for rewarding citizens to support the community and cooperate with the traffic police on the road by following road ethics.

Meet the ICTP’s special team assigned for the project here in the video:

Pretty interesting how the team has a good gender balance with female police also being part of the team.

The patrol team monitors drivers on the roads of Islamabad and after judging their driving skills and road sense, rewards folks if they’re doing well. 

Pretty neat, eh? We could all do with some positive reinforcement. And you know what, Pakistanis are pretty on board with this too.

People have not seen anything like this happening in the country before and are appreciating the initiative wholeheartedly.

Someone even suggested that more projects like this one should start as it is normal in countries abroad.

These guys could not hold back the love and respect they felt for ICTP and other law enforcement agencies working in the country.

Basically, it’s a sweet initiative and a learning experience…

…and people are acknowledging that wholeheartedly.

This is a positive step taken by the ICTP and the response and cooperation shown by the citizens is also overwhelming. What do you guys think? Have you been rewarded yet? If yes, tell us how you felt.

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