We Need To Talk About The Mess That Is Islamabad Right Now

By Haadia Paracha | 14 Nov, 2017

If you’re a resident of Islamabad or Rawalpindi, you have been a witness of the fuckshow that has been Islamabad for the past week or so. The roads have been blocked without any prior announcements, the traffic is maddening and there is no eminent news of when the cities will be spared. What was first imagined as security protocol for Chelum later transpired into a protest by two religious groups who have taken the Islamabad Highway hostage until their demands are met.

Source: Express Tribune

The over 3000 protesters who have set up blockades and containers are a major inconvenience to the daily traffic and commuters between the cities, where the common man is forced to take an alternative route, also mired with the metro construction. Those who do approach the area cordoned off are searched with clubs and vehicles refused to let pass, some even being pelted with stones.


Residents are visibly frustrated.


The traffic jams look much like scenes from a post-apocalyptic movie.



There is a lot of conversation about the consequences of this senseless siege.


Not only was this route blocked but also various other entry points into the city.


It has been over a week with no end in sight.


And the protests are reaching dangerous precedents…


…In a city that has history of Lal Masjid siege and hoards coming out in support of Mumtaz Qadri.


All the while, the Government remains inactive during these visibly distressing protests.


Amidst the visible hysteria, a child has already lost the battle for his life because of the ambulance being unable to reach to the hospital in time.


Eight police officials were also allegedly kidnapped and tortured by the said right-wingers.

Source: Dawn

With FIRs being issued.


While freedom of expression must be safeguarded at all times, this protest has been far from peaceful.


What are your thoughts regarding this? Should the ‘khatam-e-naboowat‘ rally be allowed to push the Government’s buttons? Do you feel this religious protest might have political motivations? Let us know in the comments section below.


Cover Image via: dawn.com

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