Imran Khan Just Inaugurated A University In PM House And Here's What Pakistanis Think About It

By Rameeza Ahmad | 21 Dec, 2018

Seems like Prime Minister Imran Khan is keeping his promises. 


When Imran Khan took his oath, the entire country waited with bated breath for the new Prime Minister to address his people. In his first address to the nation, he promised multiple things and one of those was that lavish spending by those in top government positions would be curbed.

Source: Irfan Ahson

And it seems like he is already delivering on this promise, leading with his own example by converting the lavish governor house in Islamabad into the Islamabad National University. The university was inaugurated today with the Prime Minister himself present at the occasion.

He gave a speech at the event in which he emphasized the need for good education in the country. And with establishing the university, Imran Khan has shown his commitment to the education sector which is a positive sign for everyone in the country.


People are overjoyed with the Prime Minister house being converted into a university and took to social media to express their happiness.


People were happy to see that education was something the Prime Minister cared about

It is indeed incredibly heartening to see Imran Khan keep his promise. And honestly, I am a little surprised that the promise of converting the Prime Minister house into the Islamabad National University was delivered so quickly.

Let’s hope this is just the first of many developments that the government will make in their tenure.

You can take a look at the inside of the former Prime Minister house in the video below:


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