Veena Malik's Back On TV But She Won't Make You Say “Astaghfaar” This Time

By Hurmat Riaz | 11 Jun, 2017

Veena Malik has to be one of the most polarizing, yet entertaining celebrities from Pakistan. At one point, she was possibly the biggest celebrity in the country with her rising career graph in Bollywood (although, one may argue that her choice of work was mostly sub par movies).


Veena has been conspicuously missing from the mainstream media ever since her marriage and that scandal that broke out over the choice of soundtrack to her appearance on a TV show



The lady who’s notoriously shed light on things that matter to her

Source: T-Series / YouTube


She isn’t afraid to bare it all

On her TV show, Astaghfaar, in Ramazan past she was not afraid to talk about some of the most heart wrenching topics that were close to.



And we love her because she is headstrong in tough situations


Rejoice, Veena Malik fans, for she has resurfaced but in a completely different look

She is supposed to have become an anchor on a TV show on Pak News, a channel that is said to be part of the Bol Network, but appears to only have a Twitter account to its name.

Veena Malik anchor 3
Source: @iVeenaKhan / Twitter

We wonder if she’s been doing “Pakistan ka sab se barra program“, how come we never found out about it util just stalking her social media? Are we living under a rock?

Source: Pak News

On her new show she’s asking all the important questions

She’s become a sports analyst as well, along with her incisive news analysis, thanks to this show


Here she looks like that relative of yours who does not approve of your life choices.

Just kidding, follow your dreams.

Source: Pak News


The show airs daily, for some reason, in case you can actually find the channel


Cover image via: Pak News / YouTube

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