Iqra Aziz Walked In A Fashion Show With A Book And People Have So Many Questions

By Sannia Bilal | 6 Sep, 2018

Iqra Aziz walked the walk and everyone’s chatter seems to be weirdly fixated on something else.

As we all know, Iqra Aziz has proved to be one of the most esteemed rising stars in the industry following the success of ‘Suno Chanda’.


We’re all familiar with her work and quite frankly, we cant have enough of her.


So recently, she walked the ramp for Zainab Salman at the PLBW 18 day 2 and had the most mesmerizing presence as she did so.

Iqra SLAYED her way through the ramp while carrying one of our favorite numbers from the show.

As the pictures and videos from the show started circulating on the internet, we noticed people were having a debate about the book she’s supporting.


Everyone seemed to be busy speculating if the book was The Holy Quran or not.

Some had questions.

Via @Nichelifestyle/ Instagram


Some passed judgements and tagged the designer in search of answers.

Source: @Nichelifestyle/Instagram


So the curiosity arose when they didn’t get a reply soon enough.

Source: @Nichelifestyle/Instagram


Some drove their own conclusions because ‘the brand wont be stupid to us the Holy Book as a prop’.

Source: @Nichelifestyle/Instagram


Source: @Nichelifestyle/Instagram


And, well… curiosity prevailed for quite some time.

Word of advice: stop being so curious, that’s what killed the cat.

Source: @Nichelifestyle/Instagram


Meanwhile, this guy tried to land some chicks.

Clever bro.

Source: @NiceLifestyle/Instagram


And then the official Instagram handle for Zainab Salman finally responded.

Source: @Nichelifestyle/Instagram


Following the reply, this girl suggested that the brand should be careful next time and refrain from coming up with confusing concepts which would garner a negative vibe instantly.

Bandi has a point.

Source: @Nichelifestyle/Instagram


While trying to look for answers, we came across this teaser that was posted before the show


So basically, this should answer all the unnecessarily curious people’s questions. This was the poetry that book contained. Have anything to add? Let us know in the comments below?



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