Iqra Aziz Shared These GORGEOUS Pictures, But People Can't Stop Commenting On Her Feet

By Sajeer Shaikh | 27 Jan, 2019

Iqra Aziz is a stunner. There are no two ways about it. Girl’s got a whole lot of talent and she’s proven her mettle time and again. Her versatility is evident through the various roles she picks up and her dedication to the craft is seen through the brilliance of her performance.

Now, everyone once in a while, Iqra will post something on Instagram…

…and thousands will flock to shower her with praise…

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…and rightfully so.

I mean, homegirl’s drop-dead gorgeous. 

She even makes this look work.

Like, HOW do you look beautiful while sitting in a chair with wet hair and that cape? NO ONE pulls that off.

Now, there’s a lot wrong with the way we interact with people online, especially if they’re celebrities. We believe that hey, they’re celebrities, they’ve probably developed a thick skin and what not, toh jo bolna hai boldo. But that’s really messed up. See, people like Iqra – or anyone else for that matter – no one signs up to be bullied online. Especially for their appearance. And that seems to be happening a lot.

See, Iqra posted this recently.

Now, there are two picture here, so let me just quickly share both of them with you guys. And let me remind you that she looks absolutely GORGEOUS in both.

Here’s the first one. LOVE it.

Via Instagram

And here’s the second one. A wider frame, but she still looks AMAZING.

Via Instagram

These two pictures – do you see ANYTHING you would troll Iqra over for this? Because I don’t. I mean, am I envious of the fact that she manages to look so damn perfect all the time? Sure. But would I send her hate for anything in this picture? Nope.

But our general awaam tends to pick up on the strangest things. Ab bachpan se gora honay ka sabaq sikhaya jaata hai. And even though, as a society, we’re trying to move past this sick obsession with fairness, I suppose we do slip up every now and then. That’s exactly what happened under Iqra’s post in the comments.

Of all the things people could focus on, they started shaming Iqra for her feet.

Via Instagram

In fact, some people were getting a kick out of reading the comments…which, I mean, why? 

Via Instagram

The comments were a clear testament to the fact that the racist tendencies of a vast majority haven’t really faded.


Via Instagram

The fact that multiple people left these comments was astonishing.

Via Instagram

Guys. It’s 2019. WHY are we shaming people for their skin color? And if it’s about the fact that she’s got makeup on, bhai, aap ke paison se le kar lagaya hai? What is with this strange obsession over fair skin, and why does dark skin always get thrown under the bus? And why do we need to keep shaming people for their choices? Hadh hai, yaar.

Fortunately, some sensible people left some positivity for Iqra to stumble upon while reading the comments.

Via Instagram

In fact, people came to defend Iqra, too.

Via Instagram

Moreover, she was asked to ignore the haters.

Via Instagram

Honestly, the fact this piece needs to be written is a shame in itself. It sucks that we have to highlight how this culture of shaming and online bullying is still continuing, but the fact is that it needs to stop. Waisay bhi, kya milta hai aisi comments likh kar? Why not just leave constructive criticism, if you have any, or just move along?

Anyway, as an Iqra Aziz stan, I sincerely hope she doesn’t pay heed to the nonsensical comments, and focuses on being the absolute star that she is. You do you, girl.


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Iqra Aziz’s Hot New Look Is Getting Trolled So Heavily, She Had To Speak Out Against The Massive Hate

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