15 Intense Struggles Of Ramazan You Only Go Through If You Have A Big Family

By Hurmat Riaz | 9 Jun, 2017

Those who live in big families know that life is loud all the time. There’s always some drama happening in the house, the complete story about which you may not even be aware of. Sometimes everything becomes so chaotic that you want to yell at everyone to be silent and focus on trivial tasks like making a phone call.

Sehri and iftaari are all fun and games in big families until these things happen:


1. Making all the different choices of everyone for sehri / iftari is a HUGE task

Gee, menu lay aon aap kay liye?

Source: Sadia Jabbar Productions


2. You’ll have to make a variety of lassi at both times

kisi ko meethi pasand hai aur kisi ko namkeen. Aur kisi ko dahi ki pasand hai toh kisi ko doodh ki, katchi lassi.

Source: desifood via imgflip.com


3. Waking every person in the house is nothing short of an exercise

Her koi nawab bana phirta hai.

Via: Tumblr


4. Lots of leftovers will be reheated and fry andas will be made because someone doesn’t like what’s in sehri

 Isay anda fry ker dou.

Via: Tumblr


5. Everyone is yelling and chaos is everywhere and no one is paying attention

Everyone is just so hangry! *that’s hungry+angry, btw*

Source: 20th Century Fox Television


6. The list of farmaishain will make anyone who’s in charge of food have nightmares

Someone wants fruit chaat, someone wants dahi bhalay and one wants to make it through iftaari without yelling at someone.

Via: Tumblr


7. There will never be enough drinks to hydrate the whole family

One wants laal sharbat, one wants lemonade and one wants doodh soda and whatnot.

Source: indiankhana.com via imgflip.com


8. If you’ve got a bunch of kids at home, then you’re in for some extra work

They just run around and you’ll be on the lookout that they don’t knock down something from the table.

Via: Giphy


9. There will always be at least one fight over food so early in the morning at sehri time

The kids might break into a fight at the table and you’ll be either yelling at them to stop or on the lookout that they won’t knock out something or someone (again).

Via: Tumblr


10. There’s a 90% chance that someone will knock over your favorite drink and you’ll have to substitute with Rooh Afza, again

And you’ll find yourself drinking water and thinking where you went wrong in life.

Source: geo.tv


11. If something does knock down, there’s more yelling than there already was

Someone will start crying and you’ll feel like there are sirens wailing in the distance.

Via: Giphy


12. At least one kid definitely gets a chappair every single day

Your Ammi will pick up the chappal and beat one of the crying kids just to teach others a lesson. But then of course, there’ll be more crying.

Source: MangoBaaz


13. You’ll just eat some khajoor and drink something and leave the table for namaz and pray for your sabar and maghfirat

Source: Ali Rush / YouTube


14. But in all this chaos, there’d be one person who’d not be bothered by all this

Only this person is able to do iftaari without being influenced by the chaos around them. They might be your dad or your elder brother who are happy and even laughing at the whole situation.

Source: topyaps.com


15. At the end when everyone leaves the table, you go and make a plate for yourself and eat something in peace, FINALLY

Source: justjensenandean / Tumblr


How does your iftaari and sehri go? Is it quiet or loud? Tell us in the comments.


Cover image via: kln.gov.my

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