These 13 Instagram Food Blogs From Karachi Capture Food In A Way That'll Leave You Drooling

By Alia Eva | 21 Jan, 2018

If you’re a Karachiite you already know that eating out is the biggest source of entertainment here, especially considering the large influx of cafes and restaurants. However, sometimes, you just want to kick back, relax and stare at food to build up an appetite. Therefore, here a few Instagram food blogs from Karachi who take food aesthetic to a whole new level.

Fair warning: you’ll be hungry AF by the end of this article:

1. Let’s start our journey with this GORGEOUS looking dessert

2. Just take a minute to take in these beautiful chocolate covered waffles

3. This juicy cheeseburger makes me want to quit all thoughts of healthy eating RN

JucyLucy A small throwback to the long lines of this eatery at KarachiEat2017.. well it’s finally here and just like before, It was worth the wait! Amazing customer service coupled with Amazing taste. You really can’t ask for anything more!!! We ordered the double cheese burger and the cheese burger ?❤️ Both were bursting with delicious flavours ??? Love Love Love ? (PS: I dont make this many hearts but this place is ??) #food #instalove #instafood #dessert #delicious #happiness #love #foodie #yum #sweet #delish #icecream #cake #yummy #hungry #instapic #delicious #ff #instafollow #l4l #followback #khifoodventures #karachifoodventures #karachifooddiaries #karachi #khifooddiaries #khifoodbloggers

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4. Don’t you wish all healthy food was this tempting?

5. With these around, I’m “nacho” your friend!

6. If this doesn’t strongly make you crave gol gappay then I don’t know what will

Gol gappa thaali at Mirchili! ? • Personally, I felt like this thaali was better than the gappa gotala. ? • Reason? You could choose exactly which ingredients you wanted to put in your gol gappa. ? • Each one was a different combination with different quantities of ingredients that all went well with each other. ♥️ • This customized thali is a must have for all pani puri and meethi puri lovers. ?? • Also, the scrumptious and mouthwatering khattey aloo that came with it were the highlight of my day; I gobbled them up separately at the end. ? • ?Price: Rs. 275/- ?Rating: 9.5/10 . . . . . #outndabout #khifoodie #karachi #karachites #karachieat #karachibloggers #outandaboutkhifoodie #mirchili #pakistan #karachi #foodism #happyhour #foodbloggers #foodpk #foodporn #foodies #foodoncart #foodtruck #foodlover #instafood #foodporn #followforfollow #likeforlike #golgappa #gappagotala #chaat #sev #khattayaloo #golgappathali

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7. Parathay aur chai – the perfect naashta

8. Are you hungry yet?

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9. The most important meal of the day should always look this enticing, tbh

10. Khow Suey khao gay? (lol sorry…)

11. Oh crab, this looks so good!

12. Chop chop buddy, your money isn’t going to spend itself

13. This is too pretty and delicate to be eaten. This is real art, guys.

Don’t know about you, but these Instagram food blogs have us salivating for the real deal. Know any more food blogs we should follow? Let us know in the comments. Oh, and if you’re ever looking for a place to eat, visit to make a quick decision.

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