13 Incredible Instagram Accounts About Girl Power That You Need In Your Life RIGHT NOW

By Maham Fakhar | 9 Apr, 2018

Instagram consists of a plethora of pages that you can follow. However, out of ALL the content that’s available, some pages help build you up and make you feel empowered. We’ve picked out Instagram pages that will brighten your news feed while getting the message through loud and clear. Here’s a list of lit AF Instagram pages that feature the true essence of feminism while being super empowering:

1. @Browngirlgang

Colour your life outside the lines ??✨ Travel goals via @beautifuljaipur ??

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A page featuring inspiring and badass South Asian women all around the globe. Not only does it represent how fierce women can be, but also highlights their softer side.

2. @Livetinted

#TINTIMONIALS: We love the fierce style of these three UK-based, Sri Lankan #TintGirls, and when they shared their thoughts on changing the beauty standards in their culture, we we’re so here for it: _
“Coming from Sri Lankan community, being dark has always been a issue. If you are dark finding a life partner is hard. If you are dark you can’t wear bright colors. If you are dark you are not beautiful compared to fair looking girls. I want to change that mindset – I believe all shades beautiful.” – Miya Kalith, teacher.  _
“I wish all women would support each other rather than compete to bring others down.” – Sajitha Kalith, microbiologist.
“I wish women in my culture would appreciate and love the skin they are in, regardless of how dark or light they are! Accept your individuality and stop comparing.” -Thakshayini Selvachandran, finance officer and singer. _ #livetinted #tintfam #brownskin #srilankan #brownisbeautiful

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For all the beautiful shades in between. Because we do, after all, need to celebrate our skin. We’ve been told for way too long that it needs to be fair and lovely. Bohot hogaya.

3. @Hatecopy

This one truly takes sass to another level with it’s stunning illustrations and customized tea sets! Itna sass and sarcasm toh banta hai. 

4. @Burntrotimag

A page created by South Asians, for South Asians – in favor of paratha rolls, not gender roles.

5. @GirlPower

Tag that BFF?❤️?️‍♀️

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Naam hee kaafi hai. It’s all about building women up, highlighting how they’re allies and…MEMES.

6. @Desi_Couture

#InternationalWomensDay ?? ♥️

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What’s your super power? Because being a woman is nothing short of being a badass.

7. @Browngirlmag

Last night’s #MeToo event in New York City was everything we could have imagined and more. Regardless of the date change due to last week’s snowstorm, the room was filled with many familiar faces and even more unfamiliar ones, but the solidarity was the same. Every person came with an open heart to listen to stories by courageous women — all from different walks of lives — but with one thing in common — all were sexually harassed or assaulted by a man. The incident could have happened more than a decade or two ago, but they’ve all experienced the pain and trauma that comes with #MeToo survivors. ?? • We are grateful and will forever appreciate our panelists for courageously sharing their stories. Your words speak volume and because of you, women in the room didn’t feel alone. ✊? • Now, we want to give more safe spaces to #SouthAsian women all across the country and world, so we are hoping to bring this discussion to a location near you. ???? • Nothing of this magnitude is done without a team, so our sincerest thanks to the #browngirl event managers @sarag217 and @jennykad, our ceo @tsakhuja_walia, all of the panelists (seen above), especially @karunachani, who approached us with the idea to host an event like this, and the moderator for the evening, executive director of @sakhinyc @kavmehra, who eloquently handled the discussion with her soft-spoken demeanor and warm heart. ???? • A big thank you to our vendors: @indikitch for the yummy samosas and lassis, wine by @sufiwines, delicious desserts by @ @goodiebox_bakeshop, and our photographers @manasavedula and @tarasharmaphoto for capturing the evening. ? • • We are proud to donate a large part of the proceeds from last night’s event to @sakhinyc — a domestic violence nonprofit working to end violence against women. ?? • • ? @manasavedula | Stay tuned for photos more via BrownGirlMagazine.com.

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Wholesome. Powerful. Impacting.

8. @Muslimgirl

Representing fierce Muslim women since 2007.

9. @Amani

Empowering messages. Building people up. Thoughts about feminism. Essentially, the complete package.

10. @Halima

This outfit was ?? #mfw #maxmara

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Not only is she the epitome of grace and poise, she’s also one of the first Hijab-wearing Muslim models to be on cover pages of renowned magazines. Amazing.

11. @My.wajood

Hmm ?

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Two words: Social justice. Sab idhar milay ga.

12. @ThePakistaniMarthaStewart

Sassy, humorous and feminist content through and through. Amazing.

13. @TheBrownGirlSociety

Feminism through meme posts and illustrations. What a fun way to pass on a message!

So these are the pages we know of. Do you know of more amazing Instagram pages that talk about feminism and the like? If yes, leave the links in the comment section below.


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Cover image via: @livetinted/Instagram

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