In Case You Missed, Here Are The Highlights From The Most “Innovative” Stall At Coke Fest

By MangoBaaz Studio | 23 Nov, 2018

Coke Fest was this weekend and boy, did Lahori turn up for it. With over 60,000 people flocking to Lake City, log sehi kehta hein jo kehte hein “Lahore Lahore ay”

There was food, more food and oh my God, so much food.

And lots of entertainment: music, masti, madness, all around one pretty lake and excited crowds. But one stall truly caught my eye with their “Innovative” way of doing things. GET IT?

First off, there were these drones all around with gift hampers. What were the gifts? Innovative biscuits wuddup ~

Immediately catching your attention and keeping you intrigued – will I get some?


Then, there were *drumroll* ice cream sandwiches

Yep, that’s my sandwich. And yep, I gobbled it down in a single bite.


Already a hit from last year, the Innovative Biscuits ice-cream sandwiches were an absolute HIT and of course, had people lining up ~

Source: United Snacks

A mystery machine giving out all sorts of goodies and giveaways – all you need is some magic juice and a good luck charm.

Source: #iDisconnect / Instagram

Every time someone walked passed and pressed the button “try me” button, the entire area came to life. Lights flashed, sirens buzzed, confetti popped and a mystery hand from the machine delivered a surprise gift! Visitors received packs of Innovative Biscuits, Board Games, Flowers, Pizzas and a lot more exciting prizes.  Woohoo!


But the best, most creative idea out there was the iDisconnect lounge. 


What is that, you ask? 

A place where you could enjoy your food (and your ice cream sandwiches), amidst music and conversations instead of typing away at your phones.

We tend to get so consumed with the perfect selfies and refreshing our timelines that we forget to enjoy the company of our loved ones and take time to live in the moment. The whole activity allowed for event-goers to eat in peace, bob their heads to the music and take in the details that are otherwise, usually, missed.

Kudos to the brand to take it a step further with all these efforts 👏

And here’s to hoping there are more events like Coke Fest with brands stepping it up like Innovative. 👏👏👏

Did you attend Coke Fest? What did you think about the festival this year? Share your experience in the comments section below.

This post has been sponsored by Innovative Biscuits.

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