This Indian Tourist Obsessing Over The Lahore-Islamabad Motorway Is The Honestly Best Marketing For Pakistan

By Rameeza Ahmad | 22 Jan, 2019

This Indian tourist had nothing but positive things to say. 


There’s nothing like good publicity and Pakistan seems to be enjoying it’s fair share lately from foreigners.


An Indian tourist is going viral for all the praise he had for the Bhera stop which is located on the Lahore to Islamabad motorway

Aarvind was traveling on the Lahore to Islamabad motorway and he stopped at the Bhera motorway stop to appreciate how amazing it was.

Source: @asharjawad via


He could not stop talking about how amazing everything at the stop was

Source: @asharjawad via

He starts off by talking about how so far on his trip he didn’t feel like he had left India, till now. But at the Bhera station, he truly felt like he was in a foreign country.

He talks about how well planned the entire area is and how well parking spaces have been designated. He then praises the workers who come and clean your vehicle’s windscreen as soon as you park.


After this, the shot pans out a bit as Aarvind talks about the number of restaurants at Bhera. He points out the McDonalds, KFC and numerous other restaurants located at the spot.

The perfect advertisement for Bhera stop and Motorway, tbh.

Source: @asharjawad via

Finally, Aarvind praises the restrooms at Bhera, saying that the entire region has an issue with hygienic restrooms built along highways but Bhera was amazing in this aspect. Aarvind clearly loved his time spent at the spot.


When his video went viral Of course, there were some who thought this could be faked

People refused to believe he was Indian and everyone was skeptical about Aarvind’s origins.


But Aarvind responded himself to clarify people’s doubts


Others were very happy with Aarvind’s praise


You can watch his entire audition for the role of tourism ambassador of Pakistan here:

What do you think of Aarvind Sharan’s praise for Bhera? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover Image Source: @asharjawad via

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