Indian Men Have Started A Disgusting Campaign To Find Kashmiri Women To Marry After Article 370 Was Scrapped

By Noor | 7 Aug, 2019

Kashmiri women being objectified is disgusting

So by now, you all are pretty aware of the fiasco of Article 370 being revoked andKashmir being forcibly added into the territory of the mainland India. The BJP led Government of India has stripped the state of Jammu and Kashmir of autonomy after seven decades and have portrayed it as a win. Since then things in the South Asian region have become tense than ever.


While it is being said that the repeal of Article 370 is a catastrophic step and it might lead to some serious consequences, Indians are celebrating the forceful integration of Kashmir with disgusting reactions

So, basically, the Indian man can ONLY see ONE ‘advantage’ of this step, which in their words is, “Jammu Kashmir ki lugai(wife) milegi humein.”



Hindu men, on different social media platforms, are asserting victory by claiming they can now get girls from Kashmir in marriage

TikTok is flooded with the videos of Indian men claiming that now it’s easier to get Kashmiri women. Similar kind of tweets and Facebook posts have also surfaced. The post-repeal material that has been shared by the Indians is highlighting the Hindu supremacy and domination.


They’re disgustingly expressing rape fantasies about minority women

Men expressing rape fantasies about women and degrading their persons is not uncommon on this side of the border either and this is exactly what rape culture is.


Kashmiri women are being made the subject of the ‘patriotic’ project of desperate Hindu men


Indian men desperately objectifying Kashmiri women


A similar kind of message was shared by the Indian men in the screenshot of the WhatsApp chat which has surfaced recently

Source: @Maq_one/Twitter


Even a BJP politician suggested that bachelors of his party find Kahsmiri girls to marry


Indians did not feel shy about announcing that they will expand their ‘mission’ of finding a girl to Kashmir


They weren’t able to hide their lust for Kashmiri land and women

The statements and comments passed by the Indian men have unveiled the hidden Hindu supremacy and the chauvinistic approach of Indian men. They are basically claiming the ownership of everything that comes with the Kashmiri label, be it women or property. Revoking Article 370 has given birth to the accelerated growth of the misogyny. For now, the repercussions of the repeal of this particular Indian law cannot be evaluated but it is being predicted that the things might take an ugly turn.


Cover image via: @amar_003 via TikTok / @hemirdesai via Twitter

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