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Instagram Just Featured An Incredible Pakistani Artist And His Work’s Pretty Lit. Literally.

Instagram Just Featured An Incredible Pakistani Artist And His Work’s Pretty Lit. Literally.

Instagram is such an incredible place. All sorts of fun and creative people get together, sharing their works and gaining exposure for themselves. It really is a one of a kind online society.

The lovely people at Instagram chose an account to highlight and post about the artist and their work on their official page every few days. Today’s shout out was to a Pakistani light artist and, WOW is he talented!


JZ Aamir (Jahenzeb Aamir) is a Pakistani light painter and calligrapher, and is currently based in Dubai.

Jz Aamir (@jzaamir) uses light calligraphy to bring forgotten locations back to life. “I want people to visit these places and see real beauty, understand the history and learn the stories behind them,” says the 37-year-old from Pakistan. Light calligraphy is a combination of three art forms – photography, light painting and calligraphy, and mastering just one can require years of training. “You need to practice writing in reverse because cameras capture a mirror image. That took me some time getting used to,” he says. “Flipping the image in Photoshop could easily solve this problem, but I keep my work straight out of the camera.” Jz now lives in Dubai, paying homage to each location he shoots. “I visit the place, study the history, think of a word that would suit the location, then shoot,” says Jz. “Sometimes it takes several visits to come up with the word.” Today, Jz is sharing the Arabic word for “love” created inside Jahangir’s Tomb in Lahore, Pakistan. Right now, you can see more of Jz’s art on our Instagram story. Photo by @jzaamir

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He uses his skills and talents to merge the old world with the modern age, and the results are mind blowing. Even his captions are ON POINT.

He doesn’t caption like your desi basic bunda, he puts thought into it. JZ details why he chose a certain word for a certain monument.


This clearly isn’t just about painting for him, this is about celebrating the history of his country.

Everything is meticulous and that’s what sets him apart from the rest.

"Beauty is not in the face, Beauty is the light in the heart" Khalil Jibran. . Word: Beauty – الجمال – (Al Jamal) . Location: Tomb of Kokaltash, Lahore, Pakistan . History: Khan-e-Jahan Bahadur Zafar Jahan Kokaltash was among the Nobels of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir Period. He died in 1697 and this Tomb was constructed around the same time. The Mausoleum is Octagonal in plan with high arches on each side and stands on an Octagonal platform. The best part is that the entire building is constructed in cut brick work without any use of red sand stone which makes is significant among other buildings of that period. Hence the word "Beauty". . Exif: 56 Sec | ISO 100 | F10 using Sony A7RII with zeiss 16-35mm at 16mm. . How I did it? . I've used two different red LED lights in different sizes. The bigger LED for الف and ل and small LED light for the word جمال. This style was inspired from Hassan Massoudy with a touch of Wissam script developed by Wissam Shaukat. . . . #lightcalligraphy #lightpainting #lightart #arabiccalligraphy #pakistan_forum #travelbeautifulpakistan #photooftheday #sonya7rii #sonyimages #longexpo #dawndotcom #etribune #aj #aljazeera #zeisslens

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Jahanzeb has always been interested in Arabic Calligraphy. The curves and the structure of the art form intrigued him the most.

Then he was introduced to photography, and he says, “like everyone else I started with portrait and landscape shots, but when I discovered light calligraphy, I finally found a way to combine both my passions”. The result of this combination are beautiful.

Al Qayyum – القيوم – This was shot in Sheesh Mahal – شیش محل – (Palace of Mirrors). This perticular area is to the left of Sheesh Mahal. Al Qayyum is one of the 99 names of Allah which means (The Self Subsisting). Single Exposure. No Photoshop. . . How did I do it? I used an ordinary torch to light paint the area first, specially the arch. Then I used two cathode ray tubes (Green and Purple) to create the backgroud. Finally an LED light with orange gel used for calligraphy. Exif: 48 Sec | ISO 100 | F16 using Canon 6D with Tokina 11-16mm at 11mm. . . #LightCalligraphy #LightPainting #LightGraffiti #LongExposure #lpwalliance #arabiccalligraphy #Pakistan #canonimages #canon6d #tokina #OfficialPakistanLover #igersPakistan #PakistanPhoto #SheeshMahal #LahoreFort #LahorePhoto #LahorePhotogtaphy #LovePakistan

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Some of his captions detail how he finds his inspiration. 

He makes it sound really easy, but I highly doubt that is the case.


He isn’t only restricted to buildings, he ‘paints’ on people too. 

‘Make friends with this guy and make him take such photos of me’ added to my to-do list.

Jahanzeb and his account just go to show that Pakistan is FULL of talent and that our creative genius knows no bounds.

Good going, Jahanzeb! Keep making awesome posts for us to go gaga over.

Cover Photo Courtesy: JZ Aamir/ Instagram 

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