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Imran Khan Finally Spoke Up And Just Told Everyone To STFU About His Shaadi

Imran Khan Finally Spoke Up And Just Told Everyone To STFU About His Shaadi

SO WE HAVE NO INTRODUCTION BECAUSE IMRAN KHAN JUST BROKE HIS SILENCE REGARDING ALL THIS SHAADI BUSINESS. (P.S: if you’ve been in hiding for the past few days, then Imran Khan proposed to his spiritual guide Bushra Maneka and she’s still deciding whether or not to marry him, just FYI).


Imran Khan took to Twitter to post a series of tweets regarding the uproar that has been rumours around his marriage proposal

In a series of tweets, the politician stated how he’s spent ‘3 days wondering’ if he’d ‘looted a bank, or money laundered billions in nation’s wealth,’ before sarcastically and albeit hilariously giving a few other analogies before ending it with a ‘I have done none of these but discovered I have committed a bigger crime: wanting to get married.’



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He further went off on his usual tirade against Nawaz Sharif and co.


And also briefly mentioned his children and Bushra Maneka’s family before blaming the current government for the national whirlwind


Imran went on to declare he was only more spurred on to defeat his arch nemesis whom he accused of initiating this national disorder


…Before suggesting he wouldn’t stoop to their level


He ended it on a rather emotional note and asked for the support of his supporters and that they pray he find happiness


That last tweet tho

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Supporters took to Twitter to back their kaptaan




With many urging the politican to tread these waters more carefully


Others reassured him they weren’t going anywhere



And fully announced their backing for his marriage

Many insisted he had done nothing wrong, and that they would always be by his side



…And requested he continue his battle for a naya Pakistan


What do you think about Imran’s tweet?



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