Imran Khan Just Asked Zartaj Gul To Withdraw The Appointment Of Her Sister As Director NACTA After Massive Backlash

By Mehwish A. W. | 2 Jun, 2019

Zartaj Gul was elected to the National Assembly in the elections held last year and was inducted into the federal cabinet of PM Imran Khan on 5th October 2018. She was then appointed as Minister of State for Climate Change.

Zartaj Gul
Source: The Nation

The federal minister, however, is in hot water ever since the revelation started circulating that she got her sister appointed as the director of the National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA). Zartaj made an official request to appoint her sister in NACTA and the matter has become a controversial one as an official letter points to preferential treatment to allegedly be given to her sister Shabnam Gul.

Zartaj Gul
Source: The News

According to the documents revealed, Sami Ul Haq, Principal Staff Officer (PSO) to Zartaj Gul, wrote a letter to Interior Secretary Major (r) Azam Suleman Khan on February 27 and gave reference to a telephonic conversation which took place between him and the state minister. He then asked him to take “necessary action” regarding the appointment of Shabnam Gul in NACTA.

As a result of this, Shabnam Gul was given the post in NACTA.


Shabnam was serving as an assistant professor at Lahore College for Women University in Grade 18 before this appointment, but her sudden appointment as a director of a counter-terrorism body of the country raised a lot of questions. The matter became more controversial when it was revealed that the studentship of Shabnam Gul for M.Phil in Kashmiryat was canceled on charges of plagiarism.

On the other hand, State Minister Zartaj Gul has defended the appointment and denied the element of nepotism, claiming that her sister is a BPS-19 officer doing her Ph.D. in terrorism and FATA. She added that “she has an M.Phil in International Relations and her thesis was terrorism. Her posting as director was against an advertised post by NACTA and she was only selected due to her specialization in counter-terrorism”.

She further argued while talking to Pakistan Today that, “NACTA always picks people from other government departments as they don’t have their own people. Shabnam was not given any preferential treatment. She was in government service before I became a minister. If people from any minister’s family are competent, should they be discriminated against?”

However, favoring her sister and getting her appointed to this job is being called an act of nepotism and people tell her to revisit the definition of the same if she doesn’t agree. 

Ever since the surfacing of all these documents, people are generally not happy with this misuse of power 

They also point out that there is no difference between naya and purana Pakistan if the same things are happening now too

A lot of people are also demanding for the resignation of Zartaj Gul from the position she is holding

Some also demanded that apart from removing her from the ministry she holds, her sister’s appointment should also be canceled

PM Imran Khan has also directed Zartaj Gul to withdraw the letter written to NACTA regarding the appointment of her sister.

The Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted out this update a while back, stating that the appointment was against the ethics of PTI. The stance presented by the government is that its policies are strictly anti-nepotism.

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