Imran Khan Justifying His U-Turns By Using Hitler's Example Has People Wondering, “Ghabrana Shuru Kardein?”

By Noor | 17 Nov, 2018

Grab your popcorn, folks. Imran Khan is back at it again, making headlines because of…uh…his choice of words. This time, maybe ghabrana shuru kardein because Khan just used Hitler to justify his point.

Source: AbEaD/Youtube,

Basically, Imran Khan stated that a leader’s inability to take ‘U-turns’ can make him seem like a foolish person and an incapable leader. He further said, that taking U-turns is a ‘part’ of the strategy.


He asserted that this was the reason behind the failure of leaders like Hitler and Napoleon. He tried to justify his U-turns by quoting examples from history.


Now, we all know Hitler was basically a tyrant, right?

Ethnic cleansing, mass murder, trying to eliminate an entire race – yeah, those are just some of the “activities” that add to Hitler’s CV as a leader.


Now, when your PM essentially says that a tyrant like Hitler failed because he didn’t take enough U-turns, it’ll fill your head with multiple thoughts, and queries. People, therefore, took to social media to talk about this very statement.

Basically, people weren’t down with his choice of words.

Actually, they weren’t able to comprehend and understand the meaning implied by the statement.

Matlab, why drag in Hitler? Zaroorat thi hi kya?

People even started drawing comparisons between Jinnah and Khan. They pointed out how Jinnah wanted leaders to remain steadfast, whereas Khan is in favor of U-turns. 

Some people gave Khan a history lesson, explaining that a lack of U-turns isn’t what caused Hitler and Napolean to fail as leaders.

Basically, overall, people were seriously offended

They couldn’t really digest the idea of Hitler being used to justify Khan’s decisions

Some people saw this as Khan saying that he’s Hitler with U-turns.

Bit of a stretch, but okay.

Even Khursheed Shah weighed in, straight up calling Khan ‘Hitler…’

..AND, people supported Shah on the statement, too. 

Messy, messy, messy. But khair, yeh hi halaat ho gaye hain ab. Kya karein? Anyway, what do you think about the whole issue? Don’t forget to share your views in the comments section below.


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