Imran Ashraf Just Revealed The Life-Threatening Birth Of His Son

By Iman Zia | 13 May, 2019

In an exclusive interview, we asked Imran Ashraf all about his son and life as a father.

Imran Ashraf and his wife Kiran Imran recently revealed their beautiful little blessing, Roham Imran on March 30. The ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi’ actor has been over the moon, beautifully experiencing life as a father for the very first time. We reached out to the actor to ask him all about Roham and fatherhood in an exclusive interview for ShowSha.


Roham’s birth was far from an easy breeze. Both mother and son suffered various complications during the birth process and it was a tough toll on the entire family.

The actor was very nervous about Kiran giving birth.  “Roham ke saath bohot complications thi shuru se hi, toh bohot complications ke baadh yeh hua hai toh ek khauf raha, kyun ke premature baby bhi hai – toh bohot khauf raha, nervous toh har waqt hi tha.”


He revealed how difficult that period was and how he’d spend all his time worrying about Kiran and the baby – every week would involve a terrifying hospital run.

“Shoots pe dehaan iss ki taraf hi rehta tha – har hafte baadh kuch na kuch hojata ta jo humme hospital bhagna parta tha. Doh theen dafa toh gari bhi marne laga tha. It was tough times, so I was nervous.”

Source: @imranashrafawan/Instagram

And the moment Roham was born and emerged from the operating theatre, Imran knew life would never be the same again.

“I was outside the operation theatre all night, and then we found out there wouldn’t be an operation. There was a corridor between myself and the operating theatre. A little boy came out with a nurse and I instantly started screaming “that’s my son, that’s my son! He looked exactly like me! As soon as I saw him, I suddenly felt all the tough times I had been through and wished nothing but happiness on him – I would never want him to face what I went through.”


Originally despite wishing for a daughter, Imran has never been a happier man.

“I cannot describe how life has changed for me. I am the happiest I can ever be.”I wanted a daughter initially. Kiran knows this as well! I always wanted to see a little girl but Allah gave me a son, and I thank him forever.”

When asked if he had changed his frame of mind after becoming a father, the soft-spoken actor said it hadn’t; and he was overcome with emotion the moment he found out he would be a father.

“Mein waise hi bachpan se bohot bari umar ka zehen ka banda hoon toh as such itna mindset change nahi hua.” He admitted to tearing up when he found out that Kiran was pregnant; “I was asleep, and Kiran was upset at me over something – I can’t remember exactly what it was. Kiran was crying and woke me up one night. I got up and got worried and kept asking her what was wrong – that’s when she told me she was pregnant. And then I started crying.”

Source: @imranashrafawan/Instagram

Imran is already instilling life lessons into Roham, and vows to teach him a particular moral every day:

“A life lesson I already tell him from now – he can’t really hear me, but I always tell him to always do good to another person without thinking you’ll receive the same. Achai sirf Allah ke liye hota hai. Aur sirf achai karte rehena. Achai aur sirf achai. Aur koi dusra raasta nahi hai.”


We asked him if he would ever want Roham to have siblings too. he said, “Mera toh bas nahi chal raha – siblings? Mein toh kehta hoon bohot saare bache!” 


Would Imran ever want Roham to be an actor?

“I will never force him to become an actor too – if he doesn’t want to, then he can do anything else.”

Source: @imranashrafawan/Instagram


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Cover image via: @imranashrafawan / Instagram

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