Pakistanis Are Pissed Off About Their Privacy After Images Of Private Moments In Cars Were Leaked Last Night

By Rameeza Ahmad | 21 Jan, 2019

Who will we hold accountable?


Recently images of people in cars at what seems like traffic signals, caught in compromising situations have been circulating on the internet. And it has got a lot of people wondering the same thing, where did these pictures come from?


The doubt for leaking these photos automatically fell on the Punjab Safe Cities Authorities (PSCA)

People have been naming them since they have been installing security cameras at various signals across Punjab to help with the e-challan and overall security system.

Tweets alleged that someone within the PSCA was clearly abusing their power and that the matter should be looked into immediately. The website for PSCA claims that citizen’s security is their priority, but if the pictures are indeed from the cameras installed by the authority, then this promise is clearly not being kept.


Citizens’ security is not limited to their physical safety but also their privacy so if these images were indeed leaked by a government employee, then this is a very serious matter

People were very upset about these images.

And even if the images were leaked, them being shared on social media by Facebook and Instagram pages without the faces and number plates being blurred is much worse. And a lot of people pointed this out. But the images still remain available everywhere online.

Source: The Hadharaam Movement via Facebook

As for who is responsible for leaking them, a lot of people automatically assumed this was by an employee at the Punjab Safe City Authority.


DC Islamabad clarified that he had looked into the matter himself and could confirm that the images were from none of the Safe Cities Authority cameras in Islamabad.

He said the pictures were probably from privately installed cameras. But he could confirm they were not from Safe City Islamabad.

While the Deputy Commissioner stated that Safe City Islamabad is not responsible, the same confirmation is yet to be given by the Safe City Lahore authority. We have reached out for a comment but have not received a response yet.

This invasion of citizens’ privacy becomes even more concerning considering the source of these pictures is not known and no one in is making a public statement to address this, either. Who does the responsibility fall on to safeguard peoples’ privacy? Will anyone take action and actually investigate the matter so they can make sure the culprits behind this are brought to justice?


But of course, there is always the ghairat brigade, who think it’s fair for peoples’ privacy to be violated since they were out in ‘public’ when engaging in these activities.

What do you think about these pictures being circulated online? Let us know in the comments.


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