I'm A Working Pakistani Woman And I'm Seriously Done With Getting Shit For Choosing To Work

By Ramsha Rehman | 11 May, 2018

Being a working woman has its perks, but being a working Pakistani woman brings a lot more negativity with it. Don’t get me wrong – just like you, I am and will always be a proud Pakistani. But if there are any other people like me out there who are absolutely tired of getting accused of being independent and self-sufficient, trust me, you will want to read this.

You’re expected to become a robot

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You have to be an all in one good-looking, loving, ghardaar, responsible, independent, but also dependent girl. Or else you will be constantly taunted with stuff like:

Betay apna ghar ko mat ignore karo.”

“Parents ko time dia karo.”

“Meri bahu toh mere khidmat he nahi karti.”

All while the brother/father/husband is pampered just because woh toh thak kar ayay hain kaam se. Working women aren’t robots. Let’s remember that being a housewife or homemaker is a HUGE task on its own. Add to that the responsibility of work. Hadh hai yaar. Easy ho jao. 

At least once in your professional life, aap par line maari jae ge. And you have to pretend like you’re totally fine with it (AWKWARD)

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Once is an understatement. No matter where you are in the world, a colleague, a superior or just some random guy from the company will hit on you and you’ll have to awkwardly ignore what just happened otherwise ‘You’re unprofessional.”

It’s uncomfortable and, at times, disgusting. Unfortunately, it’s a reality I (and many other women) have to deal with. And no, it’s not because of how we dress or conduct ourselves. No matter how reserved you are, someone WILL cross the line.

I’m constantly told that my earnings have no barkat

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Where is that even written? Like, show me, please? Along with a thousand other rules that are just written for us no matter what. Why do my earnings not matter as much as anyone else’s? Am I destined to cater to everyone else’s needs while killing my ambition in the process?

Ajeeb baqwas hai.

More often than not, I’m told that “kaam karni wali larkiyan ghar nahi basa sakteen.”

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Again, who is chalking out these rules? And why? And agar basa lia toh? Will I get a medal or something? No? Yeah thought so.

“Kaam karti hai toh azaad khayal hogi na, aise larkian kahan achi biwian banti hain.”

Seriously, can’t find the connection man…

Working girls apparently have a mind of their own

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Mardon k sath kaam karti hai? Hawww.

Itna make up kar k jati hai? Hawww.

Every aunty in the street will keep an eye on you. Even if you make yourself presentable in the morning, phir bhi daal me kuch kaala hai. If you look good, you’re indecent. If you don’t look good, you’re sick or you don’t take your job seriously. Matlab hadh hai. Aap apna business nahi mind karte? Haww.

Oh and apparently if I earn, I’m overconfident or arrogant.

Source: Ali Rush via Tumblr

Because there is no place for being an independent woman who has a decent sense of self-worth and speaks the truth. Sure, let’s take that into another direction. Aurat jo hai, she’s meant to stay weak and powerless, haina? 

It’s honestly like you can’t win.

See, it’s not even about feminism or women empowerment. It’s just about basic humanity. A man can rarely do what a woman does, but if a woman decides to play both roles and juggle all her responsibilities, she has to face constant drama and mental torture by society and yet smile like its no big deal. As a working Pakistani woman, all I want is empathy and acceptance. Is that really too much to ask?


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