This Pakistani Artist's Trippy Illustrations Will Make You Contemplate Your Entire Existence

By Ather Ahmed | 17 Jan, 2018

During the past decade or so, social media has brought a lot of talent on the surface. Platforms like Instagram have allowed a lot of artists in Pakistan to showcase their work. You’d be surprised to learn that there is a lot of diversity when it comes to art in Pakistan. This one artist, in particular, is bringing philosophy into art in a very interesting way.


Haris Hidayat Ullah, an illustrator based out of Lahore describes the ‘illusion of free will’ in a unique manner

“My brand of art involves how I make sense of the abstract elements in life and how I look at them through the lens of individualism, the self and the working system around us. How I as a human interact with them and its effects on me as a person, its a two-way street” Haris told MangoBaaz.


His imagery and the message that accompanies them will give you goosebumps


This one shows how we all despite being individuals are just another brick in The Wall

“My academic work differentiates from my personal work because I’m more into breaking down cultural phenomenon and just looking at them from a very personal level” he said.


However not all his work takes a morbid direction

“I wouldn’t actually box my work up into neat little categories but it amuses me when people actually relate it to sitcoms like Rick & Morty or Simpsons. I love it if people can relate to it on some personal level. But It is about my perception of my surroundings and how I’ve reflected on the visual and literary material that I myself connect with” he said.


Music is also one theme he has experimented with. For those of you who are not familiar with Syd Barrett, he was the initial lead singer of the legendary rock band Pink Floyd

“Yes music plays a major role in my work as well, its a platform for people to connect – just like art. I did a small project for Keeray Makoray which was so crazy fun to do, it was some album art and a video loop. I’d love to see my art translating into music and vice-versa and I would like to see it taking that direction by involving different local musicians along with my work” he shared.


Among other things he has also used his skills in academic projects

“I’ve been involved with The History Project and designed their publication that deals with comparing history from both sides of India and Pakistan. Meanwhile I’ve also done a collaborative group project involving a video with the School of Visual Art and Design (SVAD), Lahore Biennale Foundation (LBF) and The Centre for Culture and Development (CKU) based on designers and the Mirassi community of Texali Gate coming together and bridging the gaps by implementing design in the context of storytelling” he said.


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