If You're Traveling North This Summer, You’ll Definitely Want To Check Out This Scenic New Location

By MangoBaaz Studio | 23 Jul, 2019

With the summer heat at its peak and long summer vacations, a lot of us can look forward to escaping towards the mountains and taking road trips to areas up north.

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Sometimes all you need is to just reconnect with nature and take in some good weather!

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And at times, you need to break out of your schedule and just RELAX.

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Traveling with friends and family is amazing, but let’s face it- it can get tiresome to sit in a car with the same people for any amount of time that exceeds an hour.

Most pit stops include a chaiĀ break and some much necessary stretching, mixed in with someĀ gup shup,Ā photos and also some alone time.

This summer, LU has made a few pit stops of their own kind, and let’s be real, they look pretty awesome!

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In addition to all the scenic beauty and an atmosphere that is beyond comforting, this station provides a carnival-like vibe, which allows both children as well as adults to enjoy.

The LU Station provides a wide range of activities to help refresh you, these include photography, food, music and lots of other sources of entertainment. The route from Islamabad to Murree is one full of scenic beauty. If you stop over you can have a blast outdoors while simultaneously enjoying the natural beauty around you.


There’s also a range of activities, including outdoor games and performance stages that children and adults can enjoy together.

Children can play ‘spin the wheel’ and win gifts, paint, and get creative with building blocks.

Moreover, you can also take pictures at the photo booths and make your trip memorable.


If you’re planning to travel North or taking a short trip up till Murree or Nathia Gali, you can totally rely on the LU Station to help make the journey better.

The journey up North can get tiring, and this is a perfect solution to keep your fresh and excited. What do you guys think? Has anyone had the chance to visit the LU Station? Let us know!

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Ā This post has been sponsored by Continental Biscuits.

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