13 Things You'll Definitely Relate To If You're Totally In Love With Your Own Self

By Momina Mindeel | 28 Oct, 2017

If you’re somebody who just loves your own self so freaking much you’re not alone. You’re the kind of person who won’t let anyone say anything mean to you and agar apkay bus main ho tou apne ap se hee shadi bhi karlo.

If you admire your own self so much, here are just a few everyday things that you’ll definitely find relatable AF:


1. Your days usually start with you staring at your beautiful self in the mirror and giving compliments for the awesome person that you are

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2. You have actually mentally done things like nazar utrai on your own self 

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3. You laugh the loudest at your own jokes and just love your sense of humor 

Source: The Living Picture / YouTube


4.  You might have even thought of ways you could give your own self a kiss

Maybe even tried doing it.

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5. You can’t stand when someone is critical of anything about you or any work you’ve done

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6. You think if elaborate plans to confront those who are critical of you or your work

Source: Six Sigma Plus


7. People have compared you with similarly in-love-with-themselves characters from famous movies and TV shows

Like Kareena Kapoor’s character, Poo, from K3G.

Source: Dharma Productions


8. Sometimes you’re mistaken for being condescending and arrogant

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9. But in reality, you just know your value and you don’t like playing games 

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10. Even the smallest personal achievements make you very proud of yourself 

Woke up before the alarm today? Fuck yeah, you’re a superstar!

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment / Excel Entertainment


11. You’re always careful never to be hard on yourself and try to forgive yourself for the very rare poor life choices you might make 

Via: Deenga


12. You genuinely feel happy for other people and their successes because you’re comfortable about your own personality

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13. At the end of the day, you’re always at peace with yourself and your friends come to you for life advice

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Are you like this?


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