If You're Having A Bad Day, Here's Proof That You're Not Alone In This World

By Alveena Jadoon | 18 Mar, 2018

Often at times, many of us feel down and are having a bad day but really, deep down, there may be something more specific happening.


The reasons for your “bad day” might vary; a friend said something that hurt you, a sudden anxiety attack or just you feeling depressed for no apparent reason but don’t worry! You are not alone.

Here are a few tweets to show that we are all in this together:

This user aptly points out how calm our faces look when we are suffering from mental health issues. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why people generally cannot understand how to deal with such issues. They have nothing tangible to show that the person needs to be understood. And no matter how calm and composed they look, it does not mean that they can easily cope up with the problem and do away with it.


Mental health is more than just anxiety and depression, and the broad generalizations don’t help when the problems show up in the form of violence, anger, hallucinations. That is when people around the person isolate them:


It is bound to affect the smaller things that otherwise seem so easy to do


Many also complain that people join the bandwagon of declaring themselves depressed because apparently it makes them look cool


Music can do wonders!


There are days when you just can’t get out of bed


Bullying has a long lasting affect on the lives of those who are the target of it. Please be careful about everything that you say and do


Here’s something we should all know and constantly need to remind ourselves

We are constantly reminded by everyone around us to be positive. This leads many of us to constantly keep a check on the negative feelings and desperately try to push them away. We often shame ourselves for not being positive and become our own worst critics. However, what we forget in the process is that it is very human to feel a wide variety of emotions. We are not tuned to only feel positive all the time. Our emotional compass is wide and makes us feel sad, depressed, anxious, happy, euphoric, angry, and all the other emotions that we can think of and relate to.

Source: rd.com

One way of getting out of the circle of emotions that bring us down is by embracing them. It is very important that we acknowledge what we are feeling and only then can we move towards making things right. Don’t discipline yourself too much and don’t feel bad when something hurts you. It is ok to feel whatever you are feeling. We are all in this together!


Here’s a video to help emotional courage and resilience in the face of struggles, better:



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