18 Things You Can Relate To If Your Cousin Is Your Best Friend

By Hurmat Riaz | 1 Oct, 2017

Your cousins are your first friends in your life and if you become best friends with one of them, then living around your relatives becomes a lot easier. Here are some things which will make you realize how much blessed you’re to have your cousin as your best friend.


1. You know each other a little too well because you’ve spent your childhood together

And you have done the stupidest shit ever.

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2. You don’t need to explain your problems to each other because they know each and every development

You don’t need to explain to your cousin why your mom is so overprotective. She gets that already because her mom is also like that.

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3. You’ve stuck together through some major family fights

There are phadday in every family but you guys stick together. Sometimes, you both end up resolving your family’s issues.

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4. There might come some distances because of khaandani phadday but you make up quickly

Your parents might ask you not to talk to each other kyun kay uski maa ne ye, wo keh diya but you can’t stay like that forever and get back together going against your family.

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5. It’s easy being around your cousin best friend because you don’t have to introduce them to your family

You cook together, you’re each other’s chai buddies, you shop together and whatnot.

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6. Gossiping about your khandaan is a whole lot more fun with your cousin bestie

You don’t even need to give a background to each other and get straight to the story.

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7. You know how to save each other’s ass because they know how your khandaan will react to your actions

You keep each other’s shenanigans a secret because you both know how your family will react.

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8. Family news travels lightning fast to you because of them

Any update and you shoot them a text straight away.

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9. You share inside jokes that date far back into your childhood and they never get old

You get laughter fits when you’re talking about your childhood with each other because you both were there and now you laugh at each other at how stupid you were.

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10. You handle each other’s meltdowns pretty well

You both help each other give clear perspective in life because your lives are crystal clear in front of each other.

Source: Ryan Murphy Productions


12. Only you know how to deal with your cousin bestie’s craziness

Even if you get into a fight, you both forgive each other quickly because you know the real reason behind it.

Source: Bright / Kauffman/ Crane Productions


13. If you’re unable to communicate your problems to your family, they become your lawyer

You both defend each other when your families are unable to understand you.

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14. Participating in their events and weddings is much more fun

Friends do participate in dance practices and all the halla gulla but it’s your cousin who’s dealing with all the real stress and running around to make everything perfect.

Source: Hum Network Limited


15. You don’t need your parents’ permission for hangouts or sleepover kyun kay rishtaydari jo hai

Spontaneous plans are also easy to make with your cousin because your parents know whom you’re going with.

Source: ARY Films


16. You share mutual hatred over other rishteydaar

You can bitch about them with each other without judging kay haww haye wo baray hain 😉

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17. Family dinners become bearable when you’re together

And you don’t attend them if your cousin doesn’t show up.

Source: IRK Films


18. You know, other friends may come and go but your cousin best friend is there for life

They also handled you at your first breakup and now you both laugh at it.

Source: Alloy Entertainment / The CW


Tag your cousin and let them know how much they make your life amazing.




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