15 Struggles You Understand If Your Friend Who's Getting Married Turns Into A Bride-zilla

By Hurmat Riaz | 13 Jun, 2017

Many girls dream of becoming a bride and majority of Pakistani women are excited for their wedding, because that’s what they’ve been taught to aspire to. “Bride-zilla” is the term used for such brides who go gaga over their shaadi preparations with such an intensity that they start scaring you.

If you’ve a friend who’s crazyyy about her wedding, then you’re in for a lot of free ka drama and entertainment because there’s always something up with your friend and you’re either there to support her or knock some sense into her.


1. There will be this huge battle over deciding the date

Sardiyon mein? Garmiyon mein? Kab shadi karun?

And you’re always listing out pros and cons of getting married in any weather.

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2. She will want the most perfect venue, deciding which is going to be another battle

Marquee? Hall? Kidher shadi karun?

And you’re like kahen bhi ker lou yaar tum.

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment


3. A breakdown over color schemes of dresses and shoes will definitely happen

And you’ll be there supporting her and getting stressed out with her.

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4. There’ll be lists. Countless lists. SO. MANY. LISTS.

Lists of jewelry, makeup and whatnot. And everyday, there’ll be a new list.

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5. You’ll find her having a meltdown over schedules and deadlines

koi cousin nahi aa pa raha tha. kisi k exams thay. etc.

And then you’ll be dealing again with all the drama attached to it.

Source: Red Chillies Entertainment


6. There will be SO MANY arguments on the phone and you’ll have to be there to support her

Source: Sadia Jabbar Productions


7. You’ll find her and yourself running around the city to do things like getting angoothi ka size

And there will still be a problem to it because she’ll stress on getting the exact size.

Source: Showcase Productions


8. Guest lists and cutting some door ke friends and rishteydaar will be a process

You’ll both feel like jerks thinking out deciding who to invite and who not to invite but you both know that the list is limited.

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9. She might start losing her mind over how she’s looking and then you’ll have to knock some sense into her

Enjoy the process. Stop being such a bride-zilla.

Source: a-plus.tv


10. You’ll be with her at her nikkah and she might get jitters

Her jitters will NOT be for her nikkah but for how the things are going not according to her.

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11. There may be some tears and panic attacks

Haye main ye kya ker rahi hun?

Tum nikah ker rahi ho and you’re happy about it. Remember it. Now enjoy this day!

Source: Oriental Films


12. She’d make you in charge of the music at her entrance but you’ll have no idea how to go about

There’s a big chance that it might not get played because she told you about it at the last minute.

Source: geo.tv


13. Even at the event you’ll throw her looks to focus and not be in her bride-zilla mode

Don’t panic. Everything is going great

Source: Yash Raj Studios


14. You’ll be praying for her silently to not fuck shit up

You’ll pray that she’ll still be able to enjoy the whole event instead of focusing on trivial chaos around her.

Source: geo.tv


15. At the end of the event, while the family is crying you’ll be the one most relaxed

You’ll feel like that you were so much involved in her wedding that you’re feeling that you might turn into a bride-zilla.

Nope. Not happening. I’ll be as cool as a cucumber.

Via: Tumblr

Do you have a friend who’s a bride-zilla or who you think will turn out to be a bride-zilla at her wedding? Tag her in the comments.


Cover image via: Kashif Qadri Photography

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