13 Life Struggles Only Teachers Ke Bachay Will Relate To

By Momina Mindeel | 1 Oct, 2017

If you are one of those people whose parents have been actual school/college teachers for as long as you can remember, your life becomes a one long school day that has its perks as well as some visible disadvantages.

Here are just some of the things you’ll be able to relate to:


1. Your whole house is one big stationery shop with scattered pencils, loads of papers, paper clips, stamps and what not

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2. You definitely have a writing board (doesn’t matter if it’s black or white) at home

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3. You knew you had to be one of the best students at school because all your teachers knew your parents

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4. You were made fun of by fellow students because they thought you get undue advantage

Even if you actually got undue pressure for being a teacher’s kid.

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5. You were not allowed a tutor even if you wanted one because ‘beta, ham kis liye hain?’

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6. You have taken undue advantage and gotten away with pranks because the whole school staff knew you and couldn’t really say anything to you

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7. Your friends hesitated coming to your house because your parent taught them at some point in life

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8. You have strong opinions about school systems, unfair pay structure for the teachers and similar matters because that’s practically what your parents talk about

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9. You feel a strong bond with children of other teachers because they understand your way of life

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10. Your parents either inspire you to be a teacher and nothing else or just never want to be one. There’s no in between.

Depending on their experience as one, you either find the profession very exciting or never ever want to be one.

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11.  Collecting folders, colorful pens, post-it notes and diaries from your parent’s stash become your favorite hobby

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12. You have marked other kids’ papers at least once in your life


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13. You have a strong sense of gratitude for the hard work of your parents and know how thankless-yet-important work they’re doing

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To all the teacher ke bachay out there.


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