IBA Karachi Photoshopped Masks On People's Faces In Their Latest Photo & Pakistanis Can't Stop Trolling Them

By Manahil | 14 Jul, 2020

IBA Karachi used photoshop to put masks on people’s faces in their latest photograph

The world has basically stopped in the midst of all this COVID-19 craziness. While in Pakistan the lockdown was never really implemented in its true spirit, it has now been lifted almost completely. People, however, are still being extremely cautious because of the huge number of cases that are still being dealt with in hospitals as well as the fact that this virus is an actual PANDEMIC that has put the whole world at a standstill.

With this virus, the world is also now learning to live in new ways and chief among them is, as doctors advise, wearing masks and practicing standing at a physical distance of at least six feet from each other. Well, IBA Karachi recently got caught trying to cheat their way about this advisory.


IBA Karachi recently posted a photo which people have quickly caught on to have been a photoshop job to include masks

The IBA, Karachi and Bank Alfalah Islamic have announced the Alfalah Islamic Scholarship Program to provide financial…

Gepostet von IBA – Institute of Business Administration am Montag, 13. Juli 2020

Announcing that the bank of Alfalah will offer a scholarship for five fresh undergraduates. But the picture is where it gets interesting…


A Twitter user with a VERY keen eye pointed out that IBA Karachi had basically used photoshop to put on masks on the officials in this photo

He even had receipts!


Of course, this is hilarious

But it’s also terribly revelatory about the callous way Pakistanis are prone to not follow proper rules and procedures in practice but continue to pretend to be exemplary citizens in the public eye. This is just one photograph, but given the fact that it comes from one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in the country sets a terrible example, subconsciously, for young, impressionable students.


People have also been quick to call out IBA Karachi over the bad photoshop job with putting on masks

source: facebook.com/IBAKHIPK


Others admit the jugaar skills displayed by IBA Karachi in using photoshop to include masks on to people’s faces are pretty superior


While some are legit not pleased with this action

So there you have it folks, this should serve as a lesson to all (especially all the boomers out there who think they can go about doing whatever they want and pretend to be holier than thou for the “children), you’re always going to get caught. It’s the damn internet age! So, always do the right thing. Also, we’re in the middle of a frickin’ pandemic. STOP TAKING THIS NON-SERIOUSLY!


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Cover image via: IBA – Institute of Business Administration / Facebook

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