I Genuinely Expected Life After Graduation To Be Really Glamorous And Now I'm Just Depressed

By Rameeza Ahmad | 22 Oct, 2018

If life after graduation has meaning, I haven’t found it. 


Ever since I was young, I had always thought about what my life would be like once I graduated.

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And I simply couldn’t wait to graduate so I could get a cool job and earn my own money and just be my own person. And while I did land a great job right after graduation, I find that I am not completely happy.

I assumed that if I had a great job, I would be happy. But that is not the case. While professionally I feel like I am doing well, I have now realized that is not what life is all about. Some days I feel like I don’t have enough time for myself, and that the 9-5 routine is wearing me down.


And then I think about how this is what I will have to do for the rest of my life

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And then I find that I feel suffocated with this thought; that this is the format for the rest of my life. Work and then come home with a few hours to myself before I go to sleep. And within all of this hubbub, I feel depressed because I don’t even get to see my friends that often.

And considering that I am someone who actually loves her job, I can only imagine what other people who are in the same phase of their lives feel like, those who don’t even like their jobs.


This transitionary period is intense

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Realizing that there are no more summer or spring breaks to be had like I did all my life makes me sad as well. Because I think about how I might never again be able to have time for myself and life will only get busier and busier from now on.

But after talking to older cousins and friends, I feel a little better because apparently all of them went through this phase and adjusted pretty well after a few months of settling into the routine. Considering that everyone has gone through something like this after graduation, really does make me feel better because I have hope that I too, will feel better.

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And with all of this, I have realized why maintaining a healthy work-life balance is important. And for that, I have adopted the habit of not taking any work home. Other than that, when I get home I try to spend as little time on social media as I can.

I spend time with my family, my pet cat and try to do some chores; anything which makes me feel productive and like I did not waste any time. Because I identified that the reason I felt down was that I felt like the only productive things I did were at work and not for myself at home, and once I started doing this I have felt better.

Life after graduation really is a rude awakening. Life isn’t glamorous but it’s okay, after the adjustment period, life seems pretty good again. And maybe even as good as you had it to be as a kid.

Do you have any tips for this transitional phase of life? Let us know in the comments.


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