I Got High For The First Time In My Life And Here's What Happened On My “Trip”

By Aam Nawab | 17 Mar, 2017

Here’s what getting high for the first time can really feel like

So… I got high for the first time, recently. I am 23 years old and hadn’t explored being naughty before because I never let the pressure of everyone around me doing it, get to me. But some time ago I tried doing it with some friends I trust and here’s everything that happened.


Disclaimer: This post does not intend to incite anyone to do any kinds of drugs it is a recounting of an experience someone has had. 


Getting high for the first time is an adventure. You really don’t know what to expect. But I would strongly advice only do it in places where it’s legal and you have people around you that you can trust. Basically, what I’m trying to say is – be responsible, kids!


At first you’re really nervous, anticipating both the best and worst.

And there’s just a teeny tiny part of you that thinks you might die.

Source: MangoBaaz


You’re given a funny looking cigarette and the only thing you can think of is your abba giving you this look…

Source: Yash Raj Films


And in case you get caught, you gots the moral police a.k.a. your family behind you.

Via Tumblr


You’re a little hesitant as you’re offered the joint.

Via: Tumblr


And then, THE BIG MOMENT, you take your first hit.

Source: White Frog Films


As soon as the “action” begins, you’ll start to feel really light.

Via Tumblr


You might just randomly start dropping the wildest facts about life.

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And make a lotta’ noises.

Source: Showcase Productions


You’ll appreciate your friends so much more.

Friendship has a new meaning in your life now.

Source: IRK Films


Confidence will suddenly ooze out of every pore of your body.

Via Tumblr


You’ll get all kinds of thirsty.

Whatever works for you.

Via Tumblr


You might even want to take your clothes off, too.

Izz all good.

Source: Showcase Productions


Out of no where you now have an urge to belt out some delicious Nusrat lyrics.

Via Tumblr


You feel like you’ve just hit a home run.

Boom freakin’ boom.

Via Tumblr


Your bones feel like they’re about to jump out of you, and all you want to do now is dance…

Source: MangoBaaz


And dance…

Source: AN Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. / Showcase Films


And dance, all night long.

Source: Beyond Records / YouTube


At the peak of your trip you may even forget who and what you are.

Source: MangoBaaz


And then the hunger pangs will hit you.

And you might, JUST MIGHT say them in a different accent.

Via Tumblr


Everyone around you goes into clone mode.

If you’re lucky enough to get high enough.

Source: MangoBaaz


And as soon as you descend back to earth, you’ll wonder that wasn’t too bad… and maybe even want some more.

You can’t for the next time.

Via: Tumblr

Say no to drugs, kids. Marijuana on the other hand… uhmmm, debatable.


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