I Just Rewatched “Humsafar” And Everything Was LITERALLY Asher's Fault

By Sarah Babar | 18 Apr, 2018

Okay, let’s talk about “Humsafar”. It has been slated as one of the biggest romance dramas of recent times, and possibly one of the most iconic dramas in the history of Pakistani television.


He started getting jealous of Khirad becoming friends with Khizer, during her time at university

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Khizer, too, left no stone unturned in being overly clingy and just always being around, which added so much more to Asher’s jealousy. But also it was a little uncalled for, because he became far too possessive of her and allowed all sorts of thoughts to boil over in his head.



He lost his shit and turned away from Khirad without verifying anything

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This was the time when literally everyone around Khirad was trying to bring her down. Whether it was Sara wanting Asher all to herself, Farida Aunty hating Khirad because a) she initially thought he was miserable in the marriage and b) she wanted her sister’s daughter, aka Sara, to be her daughter-in-law, or even Khizer who wouldn’t shy from going to any length to get settled abroad, even if it meant completely ruining Khirad’s life.


He was gullible enough to believe everything his mother was saying

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His mother told him that Khirad was being unfaithful to him, and he believed it. While she kept pleading her innocence in front of everyone. And while she was trying to ask every single person present why they were doing this to her, Asher maintained his silence


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Getting redder by the minute



Walked into a situation that could have been ANYTHING but chose to assume and believe the worst

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Even Netflix called it a ‘seemingly simple mishap’



When Khirad was thrown out, he didn’t even try looking for her, or check if she was okay

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But because Mummy said she ran away with Khizer, he believed it



He chose to be miserable himself, too

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Rejected multiple attempts to establish contact by Khirad, and then spent time on the beach wallowing in his own misery and made no attempt to contact her. He also somehow made the whole situation about himself



Was excessively rude to her and her khaala when they called

Even when Khirad was on the verge of giving birth, he completely renounced her, literally making Khirad hate him.




And when she finally came to his office, in person, he was nothing but horrible to her

via Netflix
via Netflix

Telling her that he really didn’t want to see her face, among so many other things. A very calm and composed Khirad laid down all the facts about their daughter and her illness



When Khirad eventually moved in to take care of Hareem, Asher was, once again, an asshole to her

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And throughout the time that Khirad was living in his house, he kept getting agitated over why she’s not talking to him properly and, well, ‘showing attitude’ and such. And he was losing his mind over this, telling her that HE forgives HER in spite of everything and she kept saying that she really didn’t want his forgiveness



However, when he finallyy found a letter from Khirad, which basically stated everything that she was saying to him in person

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And everything that she was calling him to say, he came around and melted like a candle on a hot day. He went back and got Khirad who had left Asher’s house to give Hareem, their a better life, and stood up against his mother and confronted her for all the horrid things that she had done to his wife. and eventually we see that the spineless Asher finally musters up the courage to actually talk about everything that happened.



We’re not saying that Asher was the one who perpetrated the series of unfortunate events that took place in Khirad’s life, but everything that happened after the incident at Khizer’s place, was definitely Asher’s fault. He could have sat Khirad down and heard her side of the story and avoided the entire 5-year period of misery. What do you think? Do you agree with us? Let us know in the comments below, we’re waiting to hear from you.



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