This YouTuber Just Claimed That HUM Awards Stole His Video And He’s Calling Them Out For It

By Rameeza Ahmad | 12 Sep, 2018

The HUM Awards is one of the biggest social events in the calendar year.

And this past weekend, the whole event was posted in its entirety on the internet so that the world could watch them whenever they pleased to do so. However, a YouTuber named Haider Ali happened to notice something in the videos of the HUM Awards. In some of the montages that were played, it turns out that the images of Karachi and Lahore were not very original.

Haider is a pilot by profession and is passionate about aerial views on Pakistan. His YouTube channel is called Karachi Streetview and he posts a lot of beautiful drone footage of the city that he loves.

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Operating 6 miles south of Kilo Charlie.

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Haider noticed that the HUM Awards had used his footage as well of that of his friend Wasif for their award ceremony without his permission or without giving any credit to him and of course he was furious.

He took to Instagram to express his displeasure about the entire situation.

Source: @haiderrali via Instagram

Haider decided to call out the media giant for this unethical practice of using small creator’s content without their permission or even giving them credit.

Source: @haiderrali via Instagram

He was asking other content creators to take a stand again HUM TV for this unethical practice and was asking everyone to raise a voice against this issue so HUM TV and other media giants knew not to use other peoples work without permission or credit.

Source: @haiderrali via Instagram

Haider even posted a screenshot of his original video which was uploaded on YouTube to show people that it was indeed his content.

Source: @haiderrali via Instagram

After YouTube has become monetized in Pakistan, there has been a surge in Pakistan content creators. But it’s still hard for Pakistan YouTubers to get the kind of recognition and boost that international content creators receive.

And when big networks such as HUM steal content from creators who are already struggling for recognition, things become incredibly unfair because not only are these networks making millions but they are profiting off of someone who probably made little to no money on their own video.

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Cover Image Source: @haiderrali via Instagram

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