HSY Revealed Who Mahira Khan Is In Love With And Her Talking About It Is SUPER Adorable

By Anoosha Rehan | 13 Jun, 2020

In a recent live with HSY, Mahira Khan talked about her love life and her rumored bae, and it’s super adorable!

Mahira Khan is a name that needs absolutely no introduction, whatsoever. With the on-going stressful situation where everyone is locked inside their homes, seeing Mahira Khan is nothing but a treat. While in-person interviews might not be the best idea yet, Mahira Khan’s virtual interview has blessed us all.

Mahira Khan’s interview with HSY started with her love for Mashion and the idea behind it.

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In the interview, Mahira talked about how she had the idea of running an online page when she was very young. As the years passed, the idea just faded away somewhere in her busy routine. However, her brother was the force behind convincing her to launch Mashion and work on it. Mahira, thus, takes no credit for it. She talked about how the team works hard on ensuring the page stays positive and does not hurt anyone’s sentiments.

HSY very casually posed Mahira Khan with her love life questions and honestly, this is the topic shift everyone needed!

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Upon hearing the questions about what is happening in her love life, Mahira Khan shied away but her glow could tell it all! To the question of whether there were going to be wedding bells soon, Mahira talked about how marriage is another step but not entirely what finding love is about. She then said, DRUMROLL, “If you are asking he’s the one, yes he’s the one.” UFFF.

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HSY revealed that he is a great friend of Mahira Khan’s spouse and that he is a very smart and handsome man. HSY also gave his 100% approval but also mentioned how jealous he felt. He went on to say that Mahira Khan is the only person he could marry immediately, aankhein band kerkay. And I mean, I did not see THAT coming.

The interview was then directed at the trolling Mahira Khan recently faced over posting an innocent chai photo.

A recent post of Mahira Khan, for reasons not clear, was not well received by a fan who hurled insults at the actor.

Mahira took this opportunity to talk about trolling and how negatively it can affect everyone. She also did not seem to comprehend the idea behind how people can live dual lives, by commenting insults on social media but living a comparatively decent life in real. The actor was vocal about how overwhelming cyber-bullying can be and how it has the ability to make someone vulnerable.

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Mahira Khan was also asked about her stance on the Uzma Khan and Huma Khan issue and this is what she had to say.

She said that she is an advocate of the idea that power should never be misused. She said she doubted if she spoke too soon on that matter or even if she should have spoken on that matter all. However, she believed that the Uzma Khan matter was a private one, to begin with. Mahira Khan also said that no matter what the case is, two wrongs do not make one right. She stands by her stance that power should never be misused.

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Mahira Khan canceled ‘cancel culture.’ That’s right.

When HSY brought another rather trending topic of ‘banning fairness creams’ to light, Mahira Khan spoke about how she does not believe in “canceling.” She mentioned how it is very important to look into everything’s history; and, the history with fairness creams goes back to the British Rule. The gora culture is deeply embedded in our roots.

Mahira said, “We must converse, not cancel.” She said that the thinking needed to change, the matter should be dealt from within the roots, rather than just jumping to quick conclusions and banning fairness creams.

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She also talked about how Black Lives Matter was an issue separate to the fairness creams, and how celebrities who endorse fairness creams shouldn’t be called out on it.

The conversation about Mahira Khan’s upcoming movies got me all excited too

Mahira Khan talked about her upcoming movie ‘Quaid-e-Azam Zindabad’ produced by Fizza Ali and Nabeel Qureshi. She talked about how she was asked to choose between the two movies the producers offered to her and how hard it was to pick between them, given the amazing content. Working with Fahad Mustafa was really comfortable and smooth, the actor revealed. She talked about how Fahad Mustafa was the first actor she was working alongside, who did not need to learn how to dance and was in fact, a brilliant dancer. She talked about how this movie is a new genre for her.

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The next movie, Nilofar, is the first of Fawad Khan’s production. Mahira talked about how this movie felt like a collaboration with Fawad Khan, in the truest sense. She also disclosed that this was not a commercial movie or a rom-com. Some of the cast includes Behroze Sabzwari, Atika, and Madiha Imam. The movie is directed by a new director and the movie is in its completion process. In HSY’s words, I cannot wait to see the “Khan Power, K to the power 2.”

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Mahira Khan, like all other fans, too, is hoping that her movie, The Legend of Maula Jatt, releases soon.

Blast from the past: Mahira Khan rapped to the ‘controversial’ rap song, again.

Upon HSY’s request, Mahira Khan rapped a little, as she did with Osman Khalid Butt, back in time. The interviewer talked about the number of controversies generated from that one, innocent rap. He also specifically pointed out the part, “Kya ap kee filmain bhee hain sau crore kamatin?” and how that was taken personally by some actresses. To this, Mahira Khan said that it was never intended to cause distress, “It’s how you do a rap.” She also mentioned that the rap lyrics were written by Obi and that she did not want to go down the lane again!

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MK, next, answered some personal questions from fans and gave them tips to stay calm during the pandemic.

To a question of what she thought was her biggest strength and her biggest weakness, Mahira Khan said she was really indecisive and her strength is that she has some amount of integrity. HSY disagreed with her biggest strength; and, instead, said it was her humility.

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Mahira Khan answered the question of how to deal with growing depression and anxiety, by saying that during this time she has realized the importance of meditation. She conveyed how she was not much of a believer in the idea, but has now found her peace in the few minutes that one surrenders in namaz.

Mahira also urged people dealing with severe depression or anxiety, to talk to a therapist online. She also proposed the idea to indulge in hobbies while also mentioning she has failed to find one for herself and that she is “a mere actor.” She also told the fans to believe in “Koi bhee waqt nahin therta,” and that history is living proof of it.

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The last question was what would Mahira take with her and what is the one thing she would drop, after she gets out of the pandemic. To this, Mahira responded that she would want to take sabar with her and she would like to drop the “I am busy” attitude. She said, she has learned the value of how significance even a phone call holds.

HSY first asked Mahira about her views on the Turkish show “Ertugrul,” airing on PTV. She said she had heard a lot about it but has not seen it yet. She also clarified that the actor holds no reservations against the drama and “let them come.” Mahira suggested that if the content is good, people will watch your shows and other shows, too.

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She then paused for a moment, taking her time to think whether or not to reveal her biggest and oldest wish. Thankfully, she told HSY how her wish is to work in a drama on PTV prime. She said she has always wanted to appear on prime time on PTV, like she used to watch drams there.

As the interview was coming to a conclusion, HSY once again brought to light Mahira Khan’s love life and SHE IS SO IN LOVE!

HSY once again brought the unsolicited topic of love and went too far this time, revealing the name of the person Mahira Khan seems to be in love with. “Salim,” he said.

Source: @hassanhsy / Instagram

He then asked Mahira what are her first thoughts when she looks at the person she loves. To this, Mahira Khan got in her heroine mode and quoted a line from Humsafar, “Pata nahin tum mujhay kis naikee kay badlay milee hou.”

Source: @hassanhsy / Instagram


My heart is so full. What do you think about this interview? Share with us in the comments below!


An Open Declaration Of Love For Mahira Khan From A Die Hard Pakistani Fan


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