Here’s What Your Week Between 1st And 7th October Looks Like According To Your Horoscope

By Nai Dulhan | 1 Oct, 2018

Frenz and all, we’re back to tell you your kismet ka haal according to your horoscope. Yes, that’s right, we’re here to tell you what your week is going to look like from 1st October – 7th October, 2018.


Oh bhai, lots of surprises await you this week! A possible wardrobe haul is expected as you’re expected to be fulfilled in tangible terms as well as in terms of pleasant emotions. A certain Gemini, Libra or Aquarius might play a vital role in your life and might want to get close to you. Bohat hasaas type week guzray ga apka but it will lead you to success and important results. Financially, the week looks great for you as well as you will be receiving money from somewhere. Love and personal life also look promising as you will feel instant connections with your partner – matlab hur jagah se good news! Wah!

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Hey there bull. This week looks a little difficult for you as you might face problems in your personal or professional life. Although iska bhe hal apkay demagh mai he hai as it is all psychological. You need to rise above the dust and relieve yourself of any negative emotions that are hindering you from looking at the bigger picture. Your focus will shift from domestic matters, to matters outside your comfort zone. This does not mean that you start avoiding taking care of yourself or your emotions. How you address your troubles will be totally up to you. Any plans that involve a young man will probably not materialize this week and it is best to avoid them altogether. Most importantly, relax and give yourself a break!

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This week you will be extra cautious about any information or documentation that comes your way from certain people. There is a chance that you are going to be manipulated or intentionally provoked by other people who want to cause you harm. Be careful and alert! Travel plans seem to be a good idea, be it professionally or recreational, you are expected to have fun, especially if you are planning an investment to take an epic trip in the future. Professional life might bring added responsibilities your way but hey, that’s a part of life – At the end of the day, you get that paycheck as well don’t cha?

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Hey, there all you crabs out there. This week starts on an anxious note as you’re nervous about your travel plans in the near future. Try to be present for a certain someone who might need your time and presence this week, a small gift or flowers might be a good idea to warm things up between you two. Interesting encounters are expected between you and a young female who is not related to you as she will be accompanying you to a possible special event or moment. Surprises from loved ones are also expected as this week is all about nurturing close relationships and being present at the right place at the right time. Enjoy this time and make the most of the love that you receive.

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Shairs and Shairnis of MangoBaaz, this week starts off with some sort of khush khabri that is related to a certain man in your house or circle of friends. Younger Leo peeps will have a difficult time in their personal life but should try not to make a huge deal out of it. Chill yaar, hota hai. Life might throw lemons at you this week but it is up to you to straighten up and think hard about the decisions that you are about to make. You just need to remember that yeh dunya aur iskay log sirf ap kay disposal per nahi hai and everyone has their own agenda that they need to take care of. Financial stability looks good this week and there is a chance that you might receive financial gains from somewhere.

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This week starts off with an engagement and vibrant communication with a certain female in your life, whether you’re a woman or a man. The influence of females is dominant in your life this week and for the ladies, news of a pregnancy or childbirth in the family, particularly a girl, is also in the cards. Some people might try to trigger you into a confrontation but you have to rise above the smoke and not let that happen. If you show emotional instability, it is possible for you to step into hot waters and invite unsolicited comments about your demeanor. There might be delays in your financial matters, but sabr se kaam lain. This too shall pass.

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Conversations about your financial situation and matters are going to take precedence at the start of this week, especially with a male. Again, a certain man is going to be involved in transferring some amount of money to you. Someone’s ill planning against you is probably going to be revealed this week as they’re going to be exposed for taking credit at your expense. So be alert and keep those eyes open. Later in the week you will have hearty and enjoyable meetings with a certain woman in your life, be it a close family member, a friend or even your partner – your interactions with females will be pleasant. For the Libra ladies specifically, you will achieve some of your goals this week and might be exposed to new career opportunities.

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Scorpio men and women, you will have some important meetings and commitments which involve a young male. You might have some good luck related to people born under the star signs of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces. Not only you, but these particular individuals will also benefit from this situation. Career and professional life seem a little off this week as you will face delays in completing your tasks and face problems with a close colleague. Materializing of plans will be tough and you will have to overcome a number of obstacles – this might put you in a bad mood but hey, don’t let all this bring you down. Keep yourself in the groove. If you plan to move to a new place, this is not the right time to do so. Travel also doesn’t seem to be in your favor. Tensions and stress in your relationships seem to be in the cards so try to keep yourself calm and not get in a rut. Good luck!

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This week is all about pyaar, pyaar and pyaar for you guys – Ayeen hayeenn. You will be attending important events, having dil diyan gallan and coming up with solutions that revolve around your private life, no matter how old you are. It is important for you to recognize that there will be drastic improvements in your love life if you shift your focus and attention towards harmonizing and stabilizing your relationship. If you happen to have a partner who is a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, look out for some positive changes and developments in your relationship. A certain woman in your life will be involved in getting you financial gains. Sagittarius ladies are probably going to experience financial gains this week! Wah jee wah!

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All the Capricorns of the house, your week will start off with some sensitive issues regarding your financial dealings with females or a certain female (Ooo interesting!). Your relationship with men, whether you’re a man or a woman, will be tense and stressful this week as conversations might become difficult. Try not to be impatient as this will worsen the situation. You are likely to be blamed for any conflicts that happen with women who fall under the sign of Leo, Aries or Sagittarius, hence control on your negative emotions and reactions is very critical – Nip the rude attitude in the bud right now buddy. You will be able to solve all your problems and issues if YOU want to. Don’t be afraid to make decisions and take positive actions as kismet abhi apkay saath hai.

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This week you are likely to have encounters with relatives who have come from far off. The reason might be an upcoming event in the family or important meetings to resolve certain issues (e.g. “Phopho ka mood off, poori family ikhati ho gai” type situations). Some of you are likely to travel in order to attend family events or commitments, so have fun! Your love life this week will require some major TLC from your part – Be present, be positive and be sensitive towards your partner. Financially, you need to look into the practicality of things and pay attention to every penny that you spend. Avoid impulse buying because this might damage your financial position more than you think it will. Professionally, your interactions with your colleagues will be positive and even special.

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Yeh machli humaisha trouble mai kyun hoti hai? This week you will have difficult conversations with a certain relative. Anyone who is a Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo is capable of creating tension in your life and home, yikes! – In this case, it is not necessary that this person is your relative. There might be certain revelations or surprises that might add to your stress and anxiety. Avoid making big decisions during this week and just try to swim your way through it. Good Luck and Chin up!

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So, what’s this week looking like for you? Let us know in the comments!


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