Here’s What Your Horoscope Says About Your Week | 15th October – 21st October

By Nai Dulhan | 15 Oct, 2018

Hey guys, Aunty Najoomi is back, yet again, to tell you what your week is going to look like, as per your horoscope. Here is a round up of everything that will happen in your life in the week between 15th October to 21st October 2018.



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Oh bhai, brace yourselves, you’re looking at a week before you that might be a total party pooper for you in terms of you financial actions or commitments that are related to a certain man. If you are in a spot where you just need a shoulder to cry on, try to avoid people born under the sign of Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo, as this relationship could be toxic for you – at least for this week.

There might be some incidents this week which will force you to make a decision about whether you want to continue your association with these people or not. Worry not though, there will be moments of happiness and pride as you might finally receive closure to a problem that has been lingering on forever. People born under the start sign of Libra, Aquarius or Gemini will become your strength. Good luck!


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Hey bull, this week you will gladly spend money on a certain child or have certain financial commitments with a young person. You need to be careful though as there is a chance you might lose any important financial documents due to lack of focus. You might have an interesting episode with your friends which will draw you into an emotional spiral. Meetups and other get-togethers are expected with old or new friends for an occasion that seldom comes around. Aisa kya honay wala hai apki zindagi mai? Even we are curious now!

Keep a sharp eye out for the acquaintances you meet this week as they might play a pivotal role in your life later on. As far as your personal relationships are concerned, you need to watch your words and play it super safe in order to avoid getting the matters out of your control. A young girl might approach you for advice on her love life and you will probably have to carefully tell her about the insincerity in her relationship. In a tight spot you are we must say!


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This week you will get exposure to a new professional or business opportunity – which is great because this is probably something you have been waiting for. Be open and positive about new business and job opportunities as these might bring good times in your professional life. You will have the chance to solve some long pending family problems, but you must exercise diplomacy in order for things to straighten up sooner than later. Staying positive and having a problem solving approach will help you immensely. In short, larai chor kay, tameez se baat kerni puray gi apko! Unpleasant financial news regarding your own finances or those of a close family member might upset you – but try to remain positive. Good luck!


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Hey crabs, this week is going to start at a frustrating note for you as you might experience financial problems that have been created because of someone else’s mistakes or worse, cheating. Shit yaar! You’ll have to drop everything else and become extra cautious for the time being until this phase passes and you are able to gain control once again. You might come face to face with your old, buried and unsolved problems once again – keep your head up high and let these be a learning experience for yourself. You have to keep on pushing forward and not get stuck in the past. Old issues where you might have made a wrong decision might creep up and continue to haunt you, but hey – just keep swimming! Good luck!


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This week all you lions and lionesses will be able to shake off that negativity that you’ve been feeling. Chor doh sahrna and stop thinking about the mistakes you’ve made in the past or any relationships that haven’t worked out for you. Turn the page of your life and start a new chapter – Go get a personal makeover, make new friends, new professional connections or try to travel more. Even though things seem to be going well in your life this week, some of you people will still prefer to remain sad and resentful. If you continue with this behavior, chances are that you won’t be able to come to closure with any of your problems. This week you might receive a small amount of money from somewhere. Obviously, this is going to be a pleasant surprise. Enjoy kerain bhei! 


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This week, if you’re not too consumed by the problems and issues that surround you, your life might actually be pretty fruitful and dynamic. Taking trips with friends and relatives will leave a good impact on your overall mood. A certain man will play an important role in your life, especially in terms of how your important plans will materialize. People born under the star signs of Cancer, Pisces or Scorpio will play an important and beneficial part of your life.

Your workplace, however, will be a testing place for you as you will experience colleagues/clients who are going to be stubborn and harsh. Some of these people can deliberately stir up controversies and provoke you to react in the worst possible way but you gotta keep your shit together people. Pay close attention to your finances this week and go into as much detail as possible.


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Pay close attention to your financial affairs this week, especially with your expenses. Take great care of your wallets, purses, credit cards and any financial documents when going to a crowded place as you might experience losses. You must also steer clear of any risky investments or ways in which you have access to quick money. Slow, steady and cautious is the way to go this week. Travel plans might dwindle and you might experience last minute cancellations which will lead to stress and anxiety. But koi nahi, hota hai yaar! Thankfully things at home will be peaceful. Memories from the past might make you super emotional so try to give yourself a break and enjoy the good things in life.


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Everyone born under the star sign Scorpio will have a chance to clear any misunderstandings in their personal life and give love another shot. This is only possible if you don’t allow other people to interfere in your and your partner’s life – This may prove to be very unfruitful for your relationship. For those who are married or in a long term, serious commitment, you will have glad tidings of pleasant events and good news.

During the week you will have more dealings with women who can include your partner, your relatives, friends or even neighbors. They will help you crack important codes and uncertainties in your life this week. Over all this looks like a good week for you. Let love prevail!


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All the Sagittarius people, you might want to indulge in some goodwill work because the following week is going to be a tough one for you in terms of your health and any problems that might crop up which you won’t have any control over. These trials are not going to be without a purpose or cause, so you might want to re-evaluate where you went wrong. Use your common sense instead of your emotions and rise above the smoke because if you mess up this week, the repercussions will be long term. Your business and professional goals will be covered this week and developments in terms of a new job or project look promising.

Huge opportunities await you in your professional life and you should seriously consider them. Try to resolve conflicts and make compromises to maintain peace. Your silence today will mean success tomorrow. A certain Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces personality might play a pivotal role in giving you valuable advice related to your professional and personal life. Monetary investments look promising and you might receive money from an unexpected source.


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Looks like your week will start with someone giving you a nice gift, or you making a luxury purchase which you will want to enjoy. Good, you deserve it so lagay raho! Luck is on your side when talking about your professional life as better profits and results await you. Financial stability should be taken care of this week. This can only happen if you exercise self-control on your money related actions. Procrastinating will cause problems for you so don’t hold off things for the last minute so you are able to do justice to every task you take up. Your personal life will have some interesting twists and turns. You might make some unforgettable memories along the way, especially if your partner is an Aquarius, Libra or Gemini. Beware of theft and take care of your belongings as well.


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All you Aquarius people will be busy solving problems that have been created because of someone else or by someone else. Unfortunately, you will have to pay the price for this. Interference by a certain Capricorn, Taurus or Virgo in your relationship or marriage is certainly going to create problems so you have to nip that shit in the bud already. Meetings with a man born under the star sign of Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces will be fruitful and lead to some of your goals being covered. Good things will come your way in terms of your professional relationships and dealings. This is a good week to get your medical procedures done and dusted. Moreover, try to resolve any pending issues you have in your relationships. Most importantly, be honest in your communication.


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All you fishes out there will experience issues related to a certain female in the coming week. It may also have a connection with a very bitter confrontation between you two, or interference in her personal life which might create rifts between you two. Tricky situation people! Some of you might travel with a woman or a young girl and this will play a part in this episode. Avoid spending your money in the spur of the moment as this will cause more damage then satisfaction. Sagittarius, Leo and Aries peeps might bring glad tidings to you so you have something to look forward to. Avoid making important decisions this week as you might not have access to the whole information. Good luck!


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