The Earthquake Of 2005 Happened 13 Years Ago Today And This Volunteer Is Recalling His Devastating Experience

By Biya Haq | 8 Oct, 2018

The earth-shattering earthquake of 2005 was a day that has been absolutely unforgettable to the people of Pakistan.

Source: Dawn

13 years later, Pakistanis all over Twitter have been recalling the day that caused damage to our country and it’s souls.

One man, in particular, is recalling his own experience as a volunteer, the day after the quake hit.

Source: @Rabeelchouhdry Via Twitter

Muhammad Rabeel, an Instrument Engineer in Abu Dhabi let us in on his experience and how it affected him.

“The tragedy I have witnessed is still fresh like this happened just yesterday…”

“We went from Lahore with a Medical team consisting of volunteer doctors, I was in a technical team in case they needed help for their mobile medical equipment etc. We reached Muzaffar Abad the next evening of the Earth Quake. We settled near an army Field medical camp as suggested by a Medical team of an army camp as this would be a secure place for female doctors who were with us. We saw a US Helicopter bringing injured people from remote areas to the Army’s medical camp, then we started receiving our injured locals.”

“People were so in shock that no one knew what has happened even after 24 hours passed, injuries were so severe that most of our doctors referred them to big hospitals in Punjab.”

Source: SAMAA

“We treated around 300 people the whole night, after-shocks were still coming, and we¬†were frightened. We did our¬†sehri¬†and then started again, half day worked the same way, then gave our camp supplies to an Army medical camp, and some equipment to a remote camp of¬†Alkhidmat¬†Foundation of¬†Jamate¬†Islami and¬†some medicine to¬†Jamat¬†al¬†dawah’s¬†medical camp as they had a huge¬†number of¬†injured people with them under treatment.”

“We met an old¬†woman¬†whose only son was in the army and his pregnant wife and his mother were the only ones¬†in the house, and the house had fallen and everything was under rubble.”

“We immediately went with that old¬†woman¬†on top of a mountain and met the wife of the soldier who could not travel downhill because of her condition. Our doctor checked her up, meanwhile, we set up a tent for them and gave some blankets and food supplies for a few days, and took contact details of her husband to try to contact him and¬†tell¬†him of their condition. Unfortunately, we had to leave as it was very cold and we¬†were tired¬†and everyone was fasting. So we went to the city and saw the destruction. Everything¬†was destroyed, we were continuously crying many times a day while walking. Whole villages¬†were slipped¬†from the mountains into valleys as no sign of them was left…”

Source: Dunya News

Muhammad went on to say, “One good thing we noticed was the Army,¬†Alkhidmat¬†foundation, and¬†Jamat¬†al¬†dawah¬†and Al¬†Rasheed¬†trust volunteers were everywhere. Pulling dead bodies and injured from rubble it was carnage, those who weren’t there can’t imagine how large the number of dead bodies and injured¬†were being pulled¬†out from destruction. We were treating some on spot and shifting critical patients to nearby field hospitals since roads¬†were destroyed. We’d have two people pick up an injured¬†person on their shoulders and bring them back.”

“We had witnessed the best and finest of moments of our lives in those days as it felt like the whole of Pakistan from Karachi to Islamabad was coming to help. Long lines of trucks for miles on the road and everybody working their best to help their fellow Pakistanis.”

“Though we have seen the worst side, as well as hundreds of beggars from all over Pakistan, gathered there for begging fragile minded volunteers who travelled from the whole country, to help. Then the thieves, wandering on destroyed homes looking for Gold and precious items as owners were either dead or were lost, young girls and boys were also reported kidnapped.”
“It really was painful to see all this and took years to forget. Those days were a¬†horrific time of my life to witness. We came back crying and every one of our team was in shock even after years to come.”
Do you remember the earthquake? Where were you at the time? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Cover photo source: @Rabeelchouhdry Via Twitter/SAMAA

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