This Pakistani Politician Supported Brexit And People Shut Her Up

By Haadia Paracha | 25 Jun, 2016

Quick, if you don’t know about Brexit and what the fuss is about read this so you can judge this lady properly.

You’re welcome.


MPA Punjab, Hina Parvez Butt shared her two cents on Brexit and it’s “joyous” consequences.


Source: Tumblr


Who is Ms. Butt, you ask?

Here is a quick list of Hina’s accomplishments:


Yes, we’re quite surprised too. But what’s up with the matching display and cover photo???


Anyway, the tweet riled up a lot of intellectual debate around Brexit…

…Most of which was centered towards Hina being trolled for her views:


Apparently the “political expert” needed a crash course in history. Brexit tou duur ki baat hay.



“UK ruled the world with its own power”, as Hina wrote was factually corrected.

The debate just got a whole lot more interesting.


Death of logic indeed.


Some people couldn’t even fathom the situation and resorted to animated comebacks.



Honestly, though. If, and only IF, Hina ever went to LUMS, she’s putting the country’s top university’s reputation in question.




Someone also pulled a Hillary.



Same question.



When you don’t know whether to laugh or cry or both.



This one guy won everything.

hina butt


Probably the best and most selfless advice to date. Also, maybe a little harsh too.

Zarra ye bhee check karein:

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